Oh hey-long time no see from this Northwest Arkansas Blogger

Oh, hey there. Remember me 🙂? It’s been a long time since this Northwest Arkansas blogger has said, “hello.” Or typed it, at least. This one will be short and sweet. I want to wish everyone a happy 2023, and let you know I am coming back. Yes, again.

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You know how you blink, and years pass by? Yep, that’s what happened. I’ll TLDR what’s been going on:

Quit my job

Good riddance, but a longer story for another day. After giving notice twice, the third time was the charm. I’ve been blissfully figuring out what I want to be when I grow up since December. A Northwest Arkansas blogger has a nice ring to it. I somewhat kid. I know what I want to do, and I am at work on this now.

A new addition

Bella Boo, our Great Pyrenees has had some health issues, and there have been specialist visits. We have her on supplements and medications, and she is doing better. Because she is a guardian dog who can’t be a true working dog due to her health issues, we got her a brother. In 2019, I saw the cutest little Frenchie on the French Bulldog Rescue Network site. After applying, being screened and approved, I flew up to NYC on a Tuesday morning and brought him back on the same night. Ironically, his name was already Taco, so now we have a @TacoBellaCombo – their namesake on Instagram. ACK these two are just the sweetest.

Northwest Arkansas blogger's rescue dogs

We moved

Again?! I know, I know. We are living in the whimsical, adorable town of 2000, Eureka Springs. If you make your way over here, send me a note. There is so much to write about this, it will be a blog post of its own. We have been renovating and what a journey 🤪. We get to look at this everyday, and honestly pinch me!
Northwest Arkansas blogger's home Eureka Springs, AR

Summing it up

Aright, I want to keep this one from getting too long, so I am going to wrap it up. If you’re new and want to follow this Northwest Arkansas blogger – or if you’ve been around since the San Diego days – and see what else I’m up to, I had a successful TikTok the other day that a well-known and really cool doctor even stitched! Let me know if you follow, so I can follow you back.

Happy 2023, everyone. See you soon!