Alpha-gal Safe Taco Night with Siete Foods

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Navigating Alpha-gal safe food choices, well, kind of sucks. It isn’t so much avoiding a steak or pork chop that’s the hard part. It’s avoiding the hidden mammal products in foods and making sure cross-contamination won’t make me ill or land me in the hospital. Add in the fact that I have additional food allergies, and well, I’m left asking, “What can I eat?” I also don’t eat fried foods, processed sugar and a number of other things because of my food sensitivities (I’m just a barrel of fun). I love me some fruits and veggies, but sometimes you just want to splurge on tacos and chips and queso, ammirght? But most tacos contain beef or pork, dairy comes from mammals, and tortilla chips are usually fried in corn oil. Not the best choices, so I keep my eyes open for alternatives that actually taste GOOD because let’s be honest, while I love to cook, making these from scratch feels a bit beyond my capabilities in the kitchen.Alpha-gal safe food choices-Mexican and Siete Foods

Alpha-gal safe

A month or so ago, I was perusing Instagram and a Whole30 Blogger I follow tagged Siete Foods. The photo was drool-worthy. Of course, I did what any person would do, clicked on the tag and stalked the feed. It seriously looked too good to be true. I had tried a couple of different types of vegan cheeses since I’d gone Paleo and hadn’t had dairy since January. With the exception of one spreadable, they were complete fails. I went to Siete Foods’ website, read the entire thing and the nutrition (i.e. ingredients) information. Then I clicked Store Locator and-SCORE!-Siete Foods is carried at the co-op where my husband and I are ‘owners’ (and by owners I mean we give a small fee to be part of an amazing grocery store). We headed in, I grabbed the chips and one of the store associates led me to the queso and exclaimed that it is, “Absolutely amazing.” Good sign.

Below I am including a list of Siete Foods Products I know about. Some I have tried and some I haven’t. I’ll write about only those I’ve tried below. NOTE: These products have expensive ingredients, are not made in a huge factory and are produced by a small, family-owned business, therefore, they are pricier. I think they are worth every penny. Some of the links below are for bulk orders, so be aware if you see really high prices, that is why. I included what Amazon offers, but you can find these in local co-ops, natural food stores and places like Whole Foods, too.

Alpha-gal safe food choices – Mexican and Siete Foods

Tortilla chips

Hot sauces

  • Traditional
  • Habanero
  • Chipotle
  • Jalapeño


  • Cassava Flour
  • Almond Flour
  • ChickPea Flour
  • Cashew Flour
  • Cassava & Chia


Taco shells

Siete Foods Taste Test

Alpha-gal safe food choices-Mexican and Siete Foods
Spicy white or mild queso? Both are good!

Instead of ground beef, I use ground chicken. For taco spice, I use Whole Foods organic taco seasoning. I also use Amy’s organic vegetarian refried beans and mix them with the ground chicken. You can also use ground turkey. Either way, you won’t miss the beef. I made soft shell and hard shell tacos. Hubs likes the soft shells and I like the hard shells. I had both, and both were delicious. We’ve also tried both the nacho and and spicy white quesos with the No Salt tortilla chips. They’re BOTH very good, though I like a little more of a kick, so I gravitate toward the spicy white queso more, and the tortilla chips are on point.

Alpha-gal safe food choices - Mexican and Siete Foods
Chemical free and very tasty taco seasoning

So there you have it. Alpha-gal safe food choices-Mexican and Siete Foods favorites that aren’t just good for you, but taste great, too. Stay tuned. We’re talking brownies next week. Totally serious 😉. And if you have a favorite Alpha-gal safe food, let me know. I’d love to feature it on the blog. 

Alpha-gal safe food choices-Mexican and Siete Foods