Celebrate Earth Day with Tide and the #QuickColdPledge

This post is brought to you by Tide at Walmart. As always, all opinions are my own. Over the years a few people (okay, more than a few people)  have heard an anecdote of mine about how one person can really make a difference: A business had just opened and no one knew who they were. Then one person made a purchase with “only” a couple of dollars. It didn’t amount to much, but then another person made a purchase and then another. After some time the business grew to have millions of customers. It all started with a vision, a single individual and a couple of dollars and it proved that the little things are the big things. Earth Day 

earth day tide walmart quick cold pledge

A couple days ago, I got to see this in action following Walmart’s Sustainability Milestone Summit at their home office here in Bentonville, Arkansas. Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Tide announced their commitment to eliminate 50 million tons of greenhouse gases from its operations and value chain in support of Walmart’s Project Gigaton. To date, this is the largest commitment made to Project Gigaton by any Walmart supplier. They will make it happen by sourcing 100 percent of renewable electricity to run their operations by 2030 and the #QuickColdPledge (more on that below).

earth day tide walmart quick cold pledge

Project Gigaton

Last year, Walmart announced its Gigaton initiative with the goal of eliminating one billion metric tons (or one gigaton) of CO2 emission from its supply chain by 2030. Through the Tide #QuickColdPledge, P&G’s is leading the way in the commitment.

The #QuickColdPledge

Laundry. It’s part of life. It also has a HUGE environmental impact and let’s face it, not only does it take time, doing our laundry can become a bit pricey. That’s where the #QuickColdPledge comes in. When you use the quick and cold cycles, you use 80% LESS energy and produce 40% fewer emissions. And Tide PODS offer 10 times the cleaning power in half the time versus the leading bargain brand liquid detergent – yep, even in COLD water!

Loads of Hope

While I was at the Walmart Home Office, I was lucky enough to spend time with the team from Loads of Hope and Matthew 25: Ministries. Launched in 2005, they’ve helped nearly 50,000 families by washing nearly 70,000 loads of laundry to spread hope in areas affected by disaster. I was in awe talking to the team, and listening to how committed they are to helping inspired me. When they go into disaster areas, they take RVs, sometimes camp out and do what they need to do to help others.


earth day tide walmart quick cold pledge
From (L) to (R) Larry, Chase, Ariana and Barbie

I was honored to meet the wonderful people behind the mission. Touring the one of the trucks was really cool, too! They can turn 100 loads of laundry in 24 hours!

earth day tide walmart quick cold pledge

So what can you do?

First, join me in taking the #QuickColdPledge and share why you’re pledging to save time, money and lighten your impact on the environment in a social post using the hashtag. Next, check out the P&G Ambition 2030 Goals here to read about all of the company’s environmental sustainability goals. If you’re here in Northwest Arkansas this Saturday, April 21st, stop by, grab a free sample of Tide PODS detergent and grab a selfie at the Walmart Supercenter at 4208 S. Pleasant Crossing Road in Rogers from 1-4PM.

Let’s Team Up!

Remember, it just takes one person to make an impact. It starts with me, with you; with us. I am really proud of what companies like P&G/Tide and Walmart are doing right down the street from me. I hope you’ll be part of it, too. Be sure to tag me on social with  and use #QuickColdPledge so we can celebrate Earth Day together with our pledges!

earth day tide walmart quick cold pledge