Air Travel Doesn’t Have to Suck – Ways to Rock your Next Trip

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Park ‘N Fly Airport Parking. All opinions are 100% mine. Let’s get real with the airport talk. Traveling is not what it once was. Remember the days people dressed up to get on airplanes? There was excitement and anticipation that came along with flying. Now there is a type of dread when it comes to air travel. Unless you’re shelling out a lot of money or you have a ton of miles, comfort and efficiency feel like they’re non-existent. Enhanced security, rude passengers, long lines and parking woes; we’ve all been there. As a seasoned plane warrior, I’m here to tell you air travel doesn’t have to suck. Here are some ways to make life easier when it comes to that next trip: Airport Travel Doesn't Have to Suck

Check in on-line and take advantage of airline apps

If you are signed up for frequent flier programs, you’re probably an old pro at this. If you aren’t, have your confirmation number and last name ready. You may need the last four digits of the card you used to purchase your ticket, too. Get online, follow the prompts for check-in and if you’re checking bags, pay for them in advance. When you get to the airport, if you’re flying economy class just stand in the bag-check line. You won’t need to worry about the card readers on kiosks malfunctioning or standing in a long line to get your bags paid for and checked. And label those bags inside and out! If you’re not checking bags, download the airline’s app. You can access your ticket there. Just go to the security line and skip all the ticket agent stuff altogether.

Global Entry and TSA Precheck

Trust me. Invest the hundred bucks for Global Entry which also gives you TSA Precheck. It’s good for five years. I cannot begin to tell you how much time I have saved not standing in long domestic TSA lines and inbound custom lines to get back into the country while traveling. It’s also nice not having to remove my laptop from my bag or take off my shoes and belt. You’ll need to fill out an application, have a background check and go to an airport for fingerprinting and an in-person interview. Totally worth the time. You’ll get it back times a hundred!

Invest in a TSA-friendly carry-on bag

Okay, so you don’t want to invest in Global Entry. At the very least grab a backpack or bag that’s TSA-friendly. You won’t have to remove your laptop from your bag when you fly. Even with the TSA’s telling you that you’ll need to, you won’t unless you run into one who is either a newbie, or just stubborn (and yeah, you’ll run into them, so just comply). Get your clear bag, too and remember the 3-1-1 rule. ( 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per liquid, gel, etc.). It is your responsibility as a traveler to know the rules. So don’t be that person holding up the line. Read up on the rules ahead of time and you’ll be happier. So will your fellow travelers in line behind you.

Park ‘N Fly Airport Travel Doesn't Have to Suck

There are times you need to park your car at the airport and you want easy airport parking. Especially those of us who fly on business. If you’ve ever had to find parking on a busy day at the airport, just because those lots are at the airport doesn’t mean they’re better. Ever kept going up the parking ramp until you reach the top floor crossing your fingers for an open spot? If the weather is bad and your airport doesn’t have covered parking, getting caught in rain or cold also isn’t very becoming at 4am as you drag your luggage from the trunk across a parking lot.  And have you checked overnight parking prices lately; I mean seriously? Depending on how long you’re parking, it can cost more than your plane ticket did! Enter Park ‘N Fly. Airport Travel Doesn't Have to Suck Celebrating 50 years of awesome service this July, you can reserve your exact parking spot online, pay in advance and when you get there just pull on in to YOUR spot. Very VIP, hey? They’ll pick you up at your car in less than five minutes and take you straight to your terminal. No having to navigate parking lots – and a solo female traveler, I am not exactly keen on being in airport parking lots alone in the dark. Bonus points because they help you with your bags at no extra cost. With their Frequent Parker Loyalty Program, for every seven paid days of parking, you get a free day. That’s one of the best programs around, peeps! Their new mobile app will make it even easier, too. Check them out at Park ‘N Fly Airport Parking, save money AND TIME!

Air travel doesn’t have to suck

So there you have it. Air travel doesn’t have to suck! These things have made life easier over the years. How about you? What are your tips and tricks for making life easier at the airport? And where are you headed next? Do tell.  Happy Travels, you all!

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air travel doesn’t have to suck