7 Reasons to Road Trip

It’s that time of year and I am itching to hit the road. Okay, I guess I’m always itching to hit the road. A quintessential rite of passage, it was news to me that almost 79% of vacations are taken via road trip. During the holidays, one in four Americans chooses driving over flying, too. Whether you want to be practical or throw caution to the wind, here are seven Reasons to Road Trip – it is, after all, just as much about the journey as the destination.

Reasons to Road Trip

Reasons to Road Trip

1) Spontaneity

Road tripping means you can hop in the car anytime you want. Grab a good road trip app and pick a place – or don’t – just put the petal to the metal and go where the wind takes you. There is no need to put too much thought into it and no over-planning required. All you have to do is go.

2) Flexibility

If you aren’t on a timeline you have the freedom to spend more – or less – time in one spot. If you want to pull over because something piques your curiosity or interest it’s no problem. You can take a little longer to enjoy the ride and your surroundings and if you want to explore an off the beaten path route, detours are no problem!

3) No airport hassles

A road trip means you don’t have to concern yourself with checking in at the airport on time, how much you pack or waiting in security lines. There is no stress of dealing with lost luggage and you don’t have to worry about the person in the seat next to you taking over the armrest or snoring too loud on your shoulder. There are much better snack options in convenience stores than the peanuts and stale pretzels on the plane, too!

4) Roadside attractions

The largest rubber-band ball in the world? An amazing sunset over an even more amazing landscape you just have to stop to watch? A world-renowned BBQ joint? You won’t experience these things from 35,000 feet up. Driving lets you explore and eat your way to your next stop.

5) Reconnection and romance

Whether it’s to clear your own head or connect with your partner, an adventure behind the wheel lets you think and talk with virtually no interruptions or distractions. Get away from the hustle and the bustle, play silly road games and focus on what matters.

6) Rock out on the road

Put together a playlist and enjoy your favorite songs without worrying about disturbing people around you or having to plug into headphones. When you’re ready to push pause, tune into the local stations and listen to their radio personalities. You might find some unique and even bizarre entertainment along the way.

7) Meet the locals

Stopping to eat or check out local shops is a great opportunity to connect with the locals. They can give you tips on what to see and even where to stay. The stories (and gossip) they have about the history of their towns are an ultimate highlight along the way to your next stop. And someday, maybe you’ll be passing along those stories, too!

Okay, now do tell! What are YOUR reasons to road trip?