10 Things I will Miss About San Diego

10 Things I will miss about San DiegoPeople. We are less than one week from leaving America’s Finest City. Insert HOLY expletive here! Since the Navy is handling the move, there is pretty much no indication in our house that we are moving. No boxes. No craziness. It’s actually, dare I write it, kind of stress-free (come talk to me once the movers actually arrive, though). As I look back on several years of adventure in this beautiful city, I smile at all of the great times I’ve had. San Diego is the reason I met the hubs and I am so lucky I will get to come back for a dose every now and then. I, of course, will miss my friends, office and colleagues. And I could certainly create a list much longer this one. There is so much to miss, but here are ten that stand out.

  1. Surfers

    10 Things I Will Miss About San Diego
    A friend of mine headed out to surf

    I always knew surfing to be an almost transcendent experience for those who partake in the sport. It wasn’t until I moved to San Diego I realized what a part of life it really is. Pull alongside the road at a surf spot and you will see towels wrapped around bodies as surfers take off their clothes and put on their wetsuits. It’s almost an art form and it’s just something that makes me smile every single time I see it. While I am not a great surfer and much prefer being under the water than on top of it, to watch them paddle out and catch a wave will thrill you to watch. And to know their intense passion for the ocean is just like mine is very profound.

  2. Little Italy Mercato

    Little Italy Farmers Market
    Little Italy Mercato. A Saturday morning ritual for many San Diegans.

    I used to live in a high-rise in San Diego’s ultra-adorable downtown neighborhood of Little Italy. Every Saturday I was in town I’d walk the few blocks, Pudgy in tow, to this picturesque Farmers Market and challenge myself to shop for healthy groceries within my budget. Passers-by would ask questions, take photos of my bearded dragon and start long conversations that later turned into friendships. It’s a Saturday morning ritual for many and most definitely one I will miss.

  3. Fish tacos

    Fish Tacos
    Fish Tacos from Oscars! SO DELISH!

    Succulent nibbles of grilled fish upon hand-made corn tortillas with raw cabbage, pico de gallo and unique sauces are made with a flair customized by each creator. The fish taco is taken really seriously here. I’ve tried them in many other places and to San Diego’s version, they just do not compare.

  4. Rooftop bars with beautiful views

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    The view from brunch at the Glass Door in Little Italy

    Since the weather is so great year-round you can head to a rooftop bar or eatery any time, look out on the beautiful views and enjoy a happy hour with great company. I may just have to schedule a meeting in December…

  5. The hiking

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    Chapparal Trail at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. A favorite easy hiking spot. (Yes, that’s the ocean back there 🙂 ).

    There is just something about the topography of San Diego County. And I especially love that when I’m done with a hike at a place like Torrey Pines, I can hop in the ocean right after!

  1. The Ocean
    While I am more of an Atlantic girl myself, I will most definitely miss walking past this anytime I please:

    Pacific Beach
    A favorite hang out spot in Pacific Beach aka PB.
  2. The ability to ride the motorcycle any time of the year
    Harley Davidson
    This was in December, just before Christmas. An amazing day in Julian!

    Unless we put the bike in a trailer and head home to Florida to see my parents we’ll have to sit winters out when it comes to riding. I know the hubs will miss riding all of the time, too. It’s kind of sad to think of the motorcycle sitting in the garage for months on end.

  3. Extraordinary Desserts

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    With the girls at “our place”

    The hubs and I met here. We got our wedding cake from here and we celebrate dates that are special to us here. This is a place that turns dessert into, literally, an extraordinary work of art for the eyes and the taste-buds. I adore their tea selection, too. I will most certainly always look back with the fondest of memories and a smile upon my lips every time I think of it.

  4. Balboa Park

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    A few of my favorites at Balboa Park

    With fifteen museums, a world-famous restaurant, spectacular performance venues like Spreckels Organ Pavilion and gorgeous gardens there is truly no other park I’ve been to quite as special. I never tire of it. When I first moved to San Diego I walked through Balboa Park every day with Pudgy on her leash. We’d sit under a tree and I’d work or read for hours saying ‘hello’ to everyone as they stopped to say hello.

  5. The spirit of the people

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    Survivors…One of the most beautiful Relay for Life venues… the spirit of our team and the people who come out is amazing.

    When I first moved to San Diego it literally weirded me out that people are so nice here. I would tell my mom, “People here are SO NICE. I hope they’re not after anything.” Miami is a great city and all, but it is not exactly known for its pleasant people. I realized that when you live in a city like San Diego it rubs off on you. I think I feel it so deeply because I believe the meaning of life is to live this gift we are given. People in San Diego really LIVE. They embrace life. They enjoy it. It is so laid back and the people celebrate everything from the beers produced by our local breweries to the Day of the Dead in Old Town to lighted boats at Christmas. I am grateful for this spirit rubbing off on me. While I am still a type-A personality, San Diego taught me to stop to smell the roses and to remember to live a favorite quote of mine: Only dead people belong in boxes. San Diegans truly live outside the box and I fully intend to take this with me, always.

    Until we meet again, San Diego, I will miss you. Cheers to your beauty and your spirit! And thank you for an amazing backdrop to an unbelievable seven years.

    10 Things I will Miss About San Diego
    Stopping to smell the roses at Balboa Park