Shave Smarter with ShaveMob


Thanks to ShaveMob for allowing me to test their product at no cost. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

Let’s talk razors. How much do you hate buying them because of how crazy expensive they are? Even if you wax, sometimes you just need a quick touch up. Sure there are cheap disposables which don’t cut it, no pun intended, and some online “clubs” offer razors at less cost, but who wants to sign up for and keep track of a membership? And who wants to sacrifice quality to supposedly save money? In the end you need more razors since the cheap ones rust and wear out so quickly, so you spend more and the so-called savings is non-existent. Enter ShaveMob.

With ShaveMob you do not have to sign up for a membership which means there won’t be any recurring fees hitting your debit or credit card on a monthly basis. There are cartridge choices and with their one handle fits all approach, you can switch blade types without having to buy a new handle. They have products for both men and women and when examining the razors, it is obvious that they are superior to others on the market.

Although I am not a fan of pink and would love to see ShaveMob expand their “pink is for women” slant, I tried out the Perfectionist Six-Blade Razor and I loved that it was long-lasting. Now you all are just going to have to trust me, because no one wants to see a picture of me shaving my legs! It was sturdy and definitely did its job.


Okay, let’s talk pricing. At up to  70% less than retail, ShaveMob for the win, right?! A year supply is just $39.99 and there are price points for every budget. I especially love that they offer an instant 10% Military Discount. With a husband who shaves his head and face for work, we go through razors pretty quickly. Less cost and lasts longer? Once again, ShaveMob for the win!

ShaveMob Military Discount

Don’t just take my word for it. Check them out by clicking here, entering INTHEMOB for $1 off your order and start your #ShaveSmarter journey today!