I am NOT a Parent: Domain of the Mad Mommy Guest Post

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Dusting off the cob-webs in here and*waving hello*!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and it was spent in the way most spectacular to you! Ours was fantastic and we got home from Arkansas last night.

The time just flies. This Christmas marked our third as a couple and the second I’ve spent with the girls. I’ve discussed my role as their bonus (aka step) mother before. Leaving gets harder each time. I love them fiercely and even still, I don’t believe these things or being married to their dad makes me their parent.

I’m really honored and perhaps a little nervous to share my take on this topic over at Domain of a Mad Mommy. I’ve followed Echo’s blog for awhile now and I love her topics, humor and candor! Click here to give it a read and please do leave your comments. We’d both love to hear from you!

Best wishes for a great New Year!