#indieday 4 – What is Your Favorite Method of Overland Travel and Why

So what is “Overland travel”?

Overland travel or overlanding refers to journey done without the use of flights or boats.

Okay, this is easy. SOOOO easy. I don’t think it will be any surprise!

“Being in a car is like watching a movie…being on a bike is like being IN the movie.”

Here’s a little taste of riding with my husband during the Veterans Day Parade in San Diego last year. Those are my hands, waving:

And the ride to Bates Nut Farm – my first time at a pumpkin patch!

Out and about with our “baby” – Sound of Madness

Clockwise, starting in the middle at the top: The hubs and me at Palomar Mountain| Hoover Damn|Venice Beach | Spanish Island in San Diego | Miami, Arizona | Pt. Loma in San Diego | Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV | Overlooking Lake Henshaw in Santa Ysabel, CA | and in the very middle our helmets and the view from Palomar Mountain, CA

When I am on the bike it is just pure awesomeness. I love when the hubs puts his hand down on my shin while I rest my chin on his shoulder. It’s a connection that you just have to experience to know. Being a biker is also being part of an amazing community. It’s a family.

It’s a way of life.