#indie30 Day 5 – What Else (Besides Travel) are You Passionate About?

The super-duper wine bar

During another 30-day blog challenge, which I have yet to finish (hangs head in shame), I actually answered this question. I am going to copy and paste it, then add some notes:

Day 8: What are 3 passions you have?

Stealing an idea from the Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine blog, I decided to make this one easy on myself and ask my husband for his opinion. The conversation went like this while he was putting together my super-duper awesome new wine bar.

Me: Baby, in addition to being your wife and our marriage, what are three passions you’d say I have?

Him: Well, writing.

Thoughts: Yes, I love to write. I’ve been told many times I should have been a writer, but fear of failure and not being able to pay the bills has stopped me from truly pursuing this passion. As I wrote in an earlier entry, there are things on the horizon, and I know I cannot wait for things to come to me. I will make them happen when I am ready. I’m thinking it will be soon.

Added notes: I am very passionate about being my husband’s wife. I think (I hope!) every wife is passionate about how amazing her husband is. I never thought I would remarry. I was always scared to completely let myself Love someone. I was most definitely scared to allow myself the belief that someone Loves me back. Then I met the hubs. My life changed. I am sooooo beyond words in being able to describe what our marriage means to me. After my divorce, I used to poo-poo marriage, commitment and all that came along with it. I just had no idea how awesome it could be because it wasn’t my time. And then it was my time! And WOW. WOW. WOW.

About the writing…If I wasn’t a corporate events manger who is also a frequent business traveler, I’d finish publishing Pudgy and Pals, my adventure based children’s book series that inspires literacy by exploring the positive topics of diversity & open-mindedness. I would also hope it encourages travel in children from a young age! I’d do a passport challenge to all the parents out there, especially in the United States where only 30% of our citizens have passports 🙁 .

This idea came from my first pet lizard. You can read about it by clicking here or checking out my Features tab above. I would travel around the world gathering stories from kids to teach other other kids (and their parents)  about their cultures, daily lives and take on the world. I’d choose real kids to be the characters in my books and I’d want them to give me a lesson to communicate on their behalves. I already have an amazing illustrator. I just have to get myself to the point where I feel ready to take the reigns again and be a Nike and Just Do It!

How the idea for Pudgy and Pals got started

The blog has also been a great outlet. I don’t expect to make millions from it (but hey maybe someday LOL). I am not famous for it, or even “well-known”. Still, I have already made great connections and helped other people by sharing my cancer and hysterectomy journeys and travel advice! I always get excited when a new comment comes in or an email arrives in my in-box thanking me or asking me a question about something I’ve written about. It’s meaningful to me and it’s been meaningful to others. That just tickles me pink!

Me: Yes, mmm, hmm. Go on.

Added Notes: You can skip ahead to the next one since this goes over travel. 😉

Him: Traveling (emphatically).

Me: True!

Thoughts: Well yes. I think that’s a given. If I could travel around the world forever, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve always believed the “journey is my home” and I feel alive and in my skin when I’m exploring new places.  I can’t imagine not getting on airplanes as a regular part of life. And even though I do complain from time to time about airports, taxi drivers and hotel food, I am grateful for a life that affords me the opportunity to see the world.  Thank goodness I married someone with an identical wanderlust!

Him: And sex.

Me: Oh my god! You can’t say that. My mom reads my blog! (Sorry mom).

Him: Well, why not? It’s true!

Me: Well, yeah it’s true, but MY MOM READS MY BLOG.

Thoughts: He went on to say some other things that shall remain censored here, but let’s just say that , yes, sex is an important part of our marriage as it should be any marriage. It should not be everything; but I am passionate about its place in our partnership. Actually my mom taught me that. (Thanks mom).

Added Notes: Okay, that one is still true. Enough said.

Me: Pick something else! Would you say voluuuunteeeeeriiiing (emphasizing my suggestion, of course).

Him: Yes, yes. And volunteering!

Thoughts: I am surprised he didn’t pick this first (okay or second, maybe lol). I am addicted to volunteering and charitable causes. I have to stop myself from overdoing it, because I am sometimes involved in so many causes at once I don’t have time for myself. Still, it fulfills me to give back, so I know this will remain a passion of mine until my last breath.

Added notes: This still rings true. I have really scaled back and paced myself so I don’t run myself ragged, but I am dedicated to paying forward the gift of my remission to others. I did recently accept a position to serve on the board of the American Cancer Society’s Associate Executive Committee. I am really looking forward to the great things we will do!

Reviewing the list, I’d say I still have my priorities straight. 😉