Tomorrow…You’re a Day Away

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I am in my bed with tears in my eyes. Tomorrow might as well be a year away right now. I thought I would get lucky and escape a March cycle, but alas my period has arrived with a vengeance as to say, “Escape? No way! My final farewell is one you are going to remember!”

I have been up, in pain, since just past midnight. I’ve closed my eyes, off and on, wishing it away. I can only take Tylenol before the surgery and it does nothing for me. Dr. G called in a prescription, so hopefully I will be allowed to take it. I’ll call his office once they’re open to confirm it’s alright. I would take any relief whatsoever right now. The hubs reminded me this will be the last time, and if I had any reservations at all this can serve as a reminder as to why I am having the surgery. Today is going to be a rough day.
I am nauseous – comes with the territory of my periods. I may consume only clear liquids for the bowel prep while all I really want to do is bite into a juicy apple. This afternoon I have to down two bottles of magnesium citrate and I am SO not looking forward to it (yes it tastes awful). It means I will be up all night in the bathroom and hopefully I will be spared the vomiting that usually comes with it for me. The respite is I will be working from home today – so no worries about having to deal with any of this in the office.
I am not one to ask doctors to drug me up, but tomorrow the anesthesiologist and I are going to be real good pals. Once they get the IV in – oh yeah! It’s on! Shoot me up with some good stuff, Doc!
Yesterday the hospital called to do my pre-registration and confirm insurance. I answered the multitude of health history questions and updated my personal information. Dr. G called to ask me if I’d grant permission to film the procedure as the hospital is interested in doing so. If I can educate others, I am all for it. I am giving permission should they wish to follow through on it.

Twenty four hours from now, they’ll be wheeling me in about to get started. I am ready. I am so beyond ready…