We Did It! A Glimpse into Our Wedding Photos

I cannot believe it’s been almost two months since the hubs and I said “We Do!” It feels like just yesterday I was peeking out of the window at him waiting for me to make my way to our altar. I was thinking to myself how handsome he is. At the same time, it feels like forever ago. It’s as though we’ve been married much longer than two months. I mean that in the best way possible. The flow into marriage has been nothing short of wonderful. For those who missed the details of our wedding day, click here to read all about them. I also included a vendor list.

Third time’s the charm

Due to the death of my grandfather and all of the logistics involved with being in Texas and Japan right before the wedding, I approached my husband nineteen days before our big day and told him I wanted to get married in San Diego. The idea of going to Florida became overwhelming and I finally admitted to myself that I was beyond stressed. Without batting an eye he was on board. I am the luckiest woman, really. I knew I didn’t have to ask if he was sure, because he just wanted to marry me.

I set out to find a place and recalled that Angela Powell-Woulfe the friend who did our amazing engagement photos set-up a shoot for her daughter’s fifth birthday at a lavender farm nearby. It was a long shot that the farm would be available and for a wedding to boot, but I figured, “What the heck!” and sent an email. While in Texas, I received a call and the last four digits were my exact birth date! It was a sign. Not to mention the name of the farm – Keys Creek Lavender Farm; I went to high school in the Florida Keys and the hubs grew up on a farm! Alicia, the wonderful owner told me they were closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but she at least wanted to get back to me. She’d have their events planner phone me on Wednesday. Fast forward, after speaking with Connie who handles events for the farm, I had a wedding venue!

Other than seeing Angela’s photos from her daughter’s fifth birthday shoot, this was sight unseen. I told Connie I wanted to attend the high tea the weekend before the wedding to scope things out and she asked me if I was sure I wanted to move forward. I just KNEW I did. Call it bridal intuition. I would say my intuition was spot on, but see for yourselves:

Please note: All photos are copyright of Lauren Nygard Photography. Please do not save, print or alter in any way. If you share any of these photos, please link back to my page. Thank you in advance.

A Lavender Farm Wedding
Hanging out in the bridal barn. No idea what I was saying!
A Lavender Farm Wedding
My gown waiting to be worn
Something Blue
Something old and something blue – my shoes!
Our wedding rings
Our wedding bands. The ruby is the hub’s birthstone.
His girls
Love this shot!
This really did capture just how excited and happy I was that day.
Can't Quite Reach
Thanks to my beautiful friend, Briza, for helping me to put on my shoes! (You can see her there a little).
Sneak PeekMe taking a peek at everyone from the window. I just remember feeling so overwhelmed with joy.
The bracelet is my something borrowed from Briza.
One last look
One last look before I become a wife
Looking onDid she not look absolutely angelic?
I love the intimacy of our ceremony captured in this shot
with lavender and the Palomar Mountains behind us, it was perfect.
EmotionIt was an emotional ceremony. I will never forget my husband’s vows. I am so glad we wrote our own.
LaughterThere was A LOT of laughter, too. A LOT.
Sand Ceremony
Our sand ceremony
First kiss
Kiss your bride!
Taking a moment to let it sink in!
Checking out the rings
I finally get to wear my rings!
Save the bees
The lavender is so beautiful all around the farm. A lot of friendly bees.
I love this shot Lauren got of one of them in flight.
A Lavender Farm Wedding
When I met the girls, my oldest bonus daughter showed me a video called The Duck Song. We went around for days after asking everyone if they had any grapes. It’s now something we joke about often. I knew I had to incorporate this into our wedding photos. The whole series of these is just so fun! Here’s one of our “duck” photos.
To see the video click here.
Where we had dinner overlooking the lavender and Palomar Mountains
Love this old door!
Fun in the lavender
Laughter in the lavender
More laughter in the lavender
Bridal Shot
A bridal shot in the lavender – yes, I am really sitting down in a lavender field!
We were trying to be serious, but we can’t help but smile and laugh!
A favorite of mine!
This bougainvillea arch at the Farm is so fun and colorful!
I like this shot walking into our reception area. My eyes were puffy from crying happy tears!
We got our cake from where we met – Extraordinary Desserts. They put the wrong flowers on top
(I asked for red and green, not yellow), but it still tasted DELICIOUS!
Love in the lavender (Lauren shot this on film)
Lavender Fields
This is another shot captured on film – we have this one framed in our place. I love it.
Another caught on film under the bougainvillea arch (wish I had leaned into hubby)
Just Married
We rock
It doesn’t get any better than this