There are no “Typical” Days

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your life.

I am so behind on my blog challenge! I cannot possibly describe a typical day in my life, for there is no such thing as a typical day!

As travel is impending, I am running around a lot. But if I am not traveling, I can say that now my days are looking like this (disclaimer: some items below are probably out of order):

Wake up, walk the doggy, make the bed, somewhere in there I use the bathroom-and wash my hands, of course. Brush teeth, do hair, make-up, get dressed. Eat breakfast. Feed the doggy. Canoodle with the husband if he isn’t on base that day. Drive to office, arrive at office, exchange ‘hellos’ with colleagues – sometimes there are a million meetings, sometimes I sit in front of the computer and then glance at the clock and exclaim, “How is it such and such time already?” I’ve been known to work right through lunch and I am trying to break that bad habit. After the office I drive home, sitting in traffic at times other times pleasantly surprised traffic is flowing, then I drive into the abyss that is the urban parking garage where we live, say ‘hello’ to the hubs (again if he’s not on base), walk the doggy, make dinner, check laundry status, spend time with the hubby, feed doggy, clean up dinner, spend more time with the hubby…bed. There is also charity work, blogging, there are rides on the Harley, there are dates with the hubs. It all just depends on the day.

Today I’ve been running a bunch of errands and willing time to stand still as I am not willing to accept that beginning Saturday I’ll be on the road for two weeks with just one day at home between three trips!

I love that my life is atypical. Why be “normal”?  But enough about me….

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