Operation 1950’s Hot House Wife Day 6

When I am not traveling for work, going into the office everyday makes the weeks seem longer. Though I love my job, I was itching for Friday! I wanted to spend time with the hubs, the scale babies and Walter.

Since hubby didn’t have to be on base (cheers to that!) I slept in until around 0630. He took Walter out and I got up and made the bed. It was a fruit salad kind of morning and while the hubs was drinking his coffee I just handed him a bowl. We both need to get in the habit of eating breakfast, so that’ll be my MO from now on. No asking, just handing over the food! I had a little visitor intently gazing upon me. So hard to ignore that face! I was strong. No people food for the doggy.

Whaddaya got dere?

I cleared our bowls, stuck them in the dishwasher and was very excited to take the turkey breast out of the fridge and get to work on prepping it. Low and behold it was still frozen! I was so disappointed. There went my Friday Thanksgiving in August meal. Hubby chose a back-up meal and I decided to do the turkey meal on Saturday instead.

Hopped in the shower and I used my Chi flat brush to blow my hair straight, doing a deep part. I did my eye make-up referring to a smoky eye for the day look I saw on You Tube. It actually turned out pretty decent. Did the morning wipe down in my bathroom and got dressed. Outfit of the day was a little charcoal dress with nude fishnets and my 5″ black heels and I was ready for the day. Sorry for the bad picture, bad lighting in the foyer.

Kissed my husband and headed out. It was a very busy day at the office! I love those kinds of days. Time flies. After wishing everyone a good weekend, I headed out a bit early to start the long weekend. Unfortunately, I witnessed a car accident on the highway on the way home. I am going to go off on a tangent here for a minute.

I’ve written about my love of riding. My husband is a biker. He is also responsible and safe. This biker was on a sport bike and had a passenger. He was going at least 20mph over the limit – easy to do on a sport bike. While lane-splitting in California is legal, there is no need to be outright dangerous. This guy was being dangerous weaving in and out of heavy traffic. Because of this biker, someone had to slam on his brakes and the car following ended up rear-ending him. Hard. I was one lane over and the sound and smell was pretty bad. In m rear-view mirror I could the front end of one of the cards falling to the ground. It must have happened over a split second, but it felt like slow motion. I really hope the drivers were okay. I called it in to CHP and they informed me others had been calling in, too. If you ride, please be smart and safe. If you operate a car, please be aware of motorcycles. The majority of bikers are good riders, but just like there are some dumb ass drivers, there are some dumb ass bikers. So just be safe!

Is this a new toy?

When I got home, I hugged my husband tight. We chatted for a little while and we introduced Walter and Doc. Please note, the hubs had a tight grip on Walter’s choker and shoulder. I also have 7 years’ experience with bearded dragons. Do not ever introduce beardies to dogs without full supervision and control of the dog. 

Walter thought Doc was some sort of toy. All in all, it went well. Walter wasn’t aggressive, just curious. Doc just wanted to scoot along. After a few minutes of letting them become acquainted I put Doc away and started dinner.

Earlier hubby decided on cod, baby potatoes and salad for dinner. Now, what’s funny is neither of us could remember if we’d had cod in the past. I prepped it using this recipe from Pinterest and made some Toasted Almond Martinis while everything was cooking. If you’ve never had these, it is the only drink I like that has some sort of coffee flavor to it. The DiSaranno and cream really balance out the Kahula.

Here is what you need:

Kahula | DiSaranno (Amaretto works, too-I prefer DiSaranno) | Heavy cream |Shaker | Ice | Martini glasses
This is so easy you don’t have to remember anything other than equal parts of each liquid.
Fill up the shaker about 3/4 of the way with ice
Equal parts Kahula|DiSaranno|Heavy Cream
Shake vigorously
I do 1/2 cup of each – yields 4 servings


The fish recipe itself was good. We decided we’re not big cod fans, though. I cleaned up the kitchen. Of course, getting my husband to let me clean up after him is a little challenging. I have to laugh to myself that we literally race to see who can clear dishes first! At some point I also finished a load of laundry.

It was wonderful to walk Walter, chill out on the sofa and just relax. I remember telling the hubs how lucky I feel. It was a really wonderful night. We headed to bed and… well we slept really, really well. 😉

Day 6 was awesome.

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