Day 15: Joy to the Fishes in the Great Blue Sea…

Day 15: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

This one is so easy:
Photo courtesy of National Geographic’s free downloads
I’d be a hammerhead shark.

I have had a love affair with the ocean since before I was brought into the world. Seriously. Maybe I was one of those babies that needed to stay in the womb longer, so since I decided to enter to the world on my mom’s due date I took to the ocean because I needed another amniotic sac. Uh, that didn’t seem so gross when I thought of it.

Okay. Ocean. Love affair. One of the things I always loved about the ocean is sharks. When my dad was flipping through channels when I was a kid, if anything remotely relating to sharks popped up on TV I would beg him to leave the television on THAT channel!

Then came high school in the Florida Keys where physical education classes consisted of windsurfing, lifeguard and things such as receiving one’s scuba certification. We were off snorkeling and diving often.

Diving with hammerheads was my first shark encounter. I’ve been a sucker for them ever since.

So why would I want to be a hammerhead? Sharks have evolved over millions of years through everything thrown their way; ice ages, meteorites, human catastrophes and so on. In spite of it all, they have survived (I hope this will continue considering the shark fin trade and humankind’s ignorance). This particular shark is one of the most unique of all; a creature of beauty. A beautiful, unique, survivor. I like that. I love that.

And I’d spend my life in the ocean, to boot?

No brainer.

What’s your animal alter ego?