Day 14: Damn I’m Strong

Greetings from 39,000 miles up! Today starts Day One of my two weeks of travel for work. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Now for Day 14 of the Blog Challenge:

Describe 5 strengths you have.

1) I am a generous person. I believe if you have something to give, you should give it. This doesn’t just mean money. It could mean time, compassion, a willing ear. I know I have made a difference in the lives of others because I give. Everyone has something to give. You just have to figure out what it is.

2) I am a survivor. Even when I think I can’t, I can (and have) take(n) anything that comes my way and finish stronger on the other side. Even if it takes some time to figure out the lesson from adversity, I am better for it.

3) I am committed to follow through. If I say I am going to do something, I do it. I may face obstacles in the journey toward my destination, but I figure it out and I deliver; whether for myself or for others. Moving to California, raising a certain amount of money for charity, securing donations, landing my job – I tell myself I am going to make it happen and I do. My goals are realistic and attainable. I’d like to win the lotto, too. Still working on that one, though.

4) I have a strong work ethic. When I was interviewing for a position after leaving Florida, the hiring company called my former boss. They told me he said to them, “I have never met anyone in my entire life with a work ethic like Heather.” I have to thank military life for that. You are raised to measure yourself by a set of standards that teaches you not to meet expectations, but to exceed them. I take pride in my work. It is a reflection of who I am as a person and others come to me because they know I’ll get the job done. I got that job and it was a stepping stone to where I am now.

5) I can talk football til the cows come home, which while out on the road is a great icebreaker among otherwise strangers. Now, we’re not talking creepy at the hotel lobby bar strangers (though I have met my fair share of those /shiver). I am talking other people on business travel just wanting to enjoy the games, too! Maybe they’re looking for some camaraderie or to do a little trash talking. The majority of other business travelers are men. And maybe sometimes they don’t take women so seriously. Well when you know the signs for holding, false start and clipping it helps. To heck with humility, I usually know more about football than they do (I suppose that’s one good thing I got from my first marriage – the ex was a football coach)! Just today in the Sky Club there was question as to whether the Gators had gotten a first down. I knew it was 4th & 1 and said so. The guy sitting next to me insisted they got a first down. No, no, no silly man! It was indeed 4th & 1. And see, we were instant buddies for that half an hour in the Delta Sky Club which made being alone in the airport not so lonely! By the way, Miami pushed back and gained possession of the ball. Alright. You get the point.

I am just really happy football season is back.