My Belly Button Hysterectomy Journey

This is a collection of posts I wrote about my partial hysterectomy and salpingectomy (removal of fallopian tubes). My surgery was all done through my belly-button using a DaVinci Robot. I still give thanks for this surgery and for Dr. Garg who is, hands down, one of the best medical professionals a person could ever hope for. He changed my life. As women it is our responsibility to educate and advocate for ourselves when it comes to our medical care. We have so many options. Gone are the days of being ripped open with six months to a year of recovery. I was up walking the next day and I was off painkillers in two days. This is MY journey. I hope it inspires others to be aware, NOT afraid.

Waiting at hospital, my husband’s care plan and all good after surgery!
Photo courtesy of KUSI News

 Acupuncture and periods
The Decision
The Pre-Op
The Wait
The Surgery
NBC News Story -San Diego Channel 7 (also posted below)
Scripps Press Release
UT San Diego article and my reply
KUSI News Good Morning San Diego  (also posted below)
The Daily Beast article  and my comments
Six weeks later – Post-Op

For the better part of almost three decades (or is that the worst?), I suffered from horrible periods. It especially became worse after having an Essure (a type of tubal ligation) placement at the age of thirty. For a long time, I searched for answers to my pain. Then on March 14, 2014 my life changed when I underwent a partial hysterectomy using the daVinci Robotic method, with just one incision to my belly button. My procedure was the first of its kind performed in San Diego.

After years of trying everything I could think of: birth control pills, injections, hormone treatments, endometrial ablation, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, drinking vats of raw apple cider vinegar and chamomile tea and just about every other home remedy, I was ready for a change.

After much consideration, research and discussion with my physician, I decided to have my uterus and fallopian tubes removed, keeping my ovaries and cervix.

I want to be clear that I don’t think all women should have this procedure. If you have cramps and it’s merely a nuisance, this isn’t for you. As women; as human beings, it is our responsibility to educate and advocate for ourselves as patients. Seek second and third opinions. Know your options.

The links above are the story of my journey. Please feel free to ask questions or share your own story here by posting in the comments below. – KUSI News – San Diego CA – News, Weather, PPR

9 thoughts on “My Belly Button Hysterectomy Journey”

    • I can’t tell you not to be scared, but I can tell you it is one of the best things that I have ever done. Doing it through my belly-button I virtually have no scar. I am beyond thrilled and it completely changed my life. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    • First, thank you for stopping by. Second, you leave very little detail, but I would venture to guess that you had a traditional hysterectomy and most likely it was not at all like the partial daVinci robotic hysterectomy I had done through my belly-button. I am sorry for what you went through and it is why I share my story til this day – women have so many options now and they truly need to explore them all. Best of luck to you. I give thanks so very often for my surgery. It changed my life.

  • Yes a traditional hysterectomy years ago, problems now…oh my! So gross..Ladies considering surgery, do not get traditional. Please.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so sorry you have to go through this. There are no words. I do know women who have had successful traditional surgeries and I know women who have sued over the outcome. For you, I wish you good health and a resolution.

  • I had the DaVinci partial hysterectomy and found the recovery absolute hell. They went through my belly button and 3 other places as well. I only weighted 107 lbs (because of related issues) when they did the surgery and I have been told since then that people that thin shouldn’t get the DaVinci.

    • First, I am sorry it was hell on you. Mine was through the belly button only, so I am sure the additional incisions you had were not helpful. Not sure if this is an implication I am not thin 😉 but I am actually in the books for my tiny bone structure and I’m thin although the photos may not appear so flattering. If you had other related issues causing weight loss, your poor recovery may have had to do with that as well. I’m really sorry your doctors did a disservice to you by not discussing possible recovery outcomes in advance. I hope you’re doing better now and that in the end the surgery benefitted you.

  • Hey,
    Hatts of to you, you are very brave I am saying this because I can’t imagine how much you have felt at the time of your periods. And your decision about your health was the right decision. Because most of the women don’t share their problem with anyone but it everyone knows that if you don’t share your problem with other then how can anybody knows?

    So, Plz share this with other and aware them about their health especially women.

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