• spring cleaning with clorox scentiva

    Jumpstart Spring with Clorox Scentiva

    This post is sponsored Clorox® spring cleaning I don’t know about where you live, but around these parts we’re still waiting for spring to make its appearance. I’m jonesing for the days of warm breezes that carry floral…

  • Passing the CMP Exam
    What I Do

    Passing the CMP Exam

    I know I have totally been MIA. Holy cow, you all. Life has been busy to say the least. I have been traveling every week since December and I took the CMP Exam yesterday (Saturday, the 27th…

  • 2018 word of the year

    2018 Word of the Year

    Happy 2018, everyone! We went to Florida for Christmas and K got sick. Then the hubs who “never” gets sick – yeah, he got sick. After 20 hours in the car with them on our way back…