Serendipity in the Ozarks

Remember this post? My how things have changed, yet have stayed the same. Well. Kind of. In theory, living in an RV full-time with a then pre-teen (now teen), 107-pound dog and lizard was great. In reality, it was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. Best laid plans. Had it just been the hubs and me, no big deal. After seven months, space was tight and there were some concerns moving out to the land we purchased. Its proximity wasn’t very close to K’s school and the driving distance wasn’t practical given her school, music and sports activities (K is my youngest stepdaughter for those new to the blog). I’ll spare you all two years of details, but suffice it to say, serendipity came into our lives at the right moment. Building  a house in  the  Ozarksbuilding a house in the ozarks

Last year, my stepdaughter’s mom relocated two hours away from where hubs and I ended up. We had previously resolved to sell the land because we were two years behind on a build. Had we stuck to the original plan, all would have been great. The land is an hour and a half closer to K now. Go figure!


We joked that we wished our neighbors who owned the land and cottage next to our land would approach us and offer to sell so we could live in the cottage while we build a house. Well, things like that never happen, right? Wrong! (ACK!) The same week that hubs mentioned he wished they’d just come to us and ask us to buy, he got a text message a few days later. The neighbors were selling, and giving us first dibs. We signed the contract the following Saturday and closed October 21st.

building a house in the ozarks
The Before of “The Cabbage”


So, now what?

Moving In

building a house in the ozarks
Bella Boo enjoying her new deck (she was there a couple minutes for photos)


The previous owners called the cottage, “the cabin.” So we’ve decided to name it “The Cabbage.” We’ll be painting, staining, replacing the door, decorating and taking some time to get moved in with mid-January the final date.

Building a House in the Ozarks (Again!)

Depending on how winter goes, the build start date will be set. I won’t get too far ahead of myself, but of course, I have a million images of the finished product floating around in my head. Including a fence for Bella Boo around 10.55 acres. The house plans are just about finalized, and we’re so very ready to get started. I am looking forward to FINALLY sharing our slice of the Ozarks with you all. Stay tuned!

building a house in the ozarks
Signed I picked up at Vintage Days of Northwest Arkansas