teaching kids to give

Christmas Gifts from the Kids…Shopping for the Superhero in Your House

On Giving Tuesday, I’m happy to share what we do in our home when it comes to teaching kids to give during the holidays. This post is sponsored by Walmart and Gillette. As always, thoughts are my own.

Is everyone with me in asking yourselves how in the world 2017 flew by so quickly? Confession: I need time to slow down just a little, pretty please. Thanksgiving was here before I knew it, and now the Christmas decorations are going up, the familiar harmonies of holiday music are in the air and, of course, it’s time to make those lists and check them twice!

teaching kids to give

Teaching Kids to Give – Flip those “what I want lists” on their heads!

Often in the hustle and bustle that is the holidays, the main focus is on communicating what we want. To get into the true spirit of the holidays, we like to remember the gift is in the giving. When it comes to my step-kiddo we do something a little different come Christmas-time. Instead of creating a list of all the things she wants, we get together and create a list of what we’d like to give. Bust out the markers, fun construction paper or type it up on the computer. No matter how you create your list, teaching kids to give reminds them (and us) of the meaning of the holidays and that giving is just as fun as receiving, and in some cases, even more fun! 

teaching kids to give

The “Hard to Shop For” Family

Of course, all of us encounter those ‘hard to shop for’ people in our lives. That includes the kids. When K and I were chatting the other day, she told me she and her friends agree dads are much harder to shop for than moms (there was some major emphasis on the much…more like muuuuuch harder). She went on to tell me they totally want to give their dads, stepdads, grandpas, uncles and other male figures in their lives gifts they’ll actually use; that are practical and have a fun spin. With a loud giggle she exclaimed, “No socks and underwear!” Then with a jesting tween eye-roll, she also alluded to the wallet still sitting on top of my husband’s highboy, still in its gift box…that we got him four months ago for his birthday. One of the most important things for K and her friends? They can use babysitting money or their allowance savings to buy something cool and useful that they’ll actually get to see dad using. Well, Walmart and the Gillette Justice League Gift Sets have them covered!

teaching kids to give

With the recent release of the Justice League movie, heroes are fresh on many minds and it’s no secret K thinks her dad is a total superhero. Each gift set features a unique Justice League character and a variety of Gillette products that will actually be used. Hubs has been using Gillette razors to get the perfect shave for years; very important for those days he was in military uniform. Since he shaves his head and face, his razors need to be good quality and long-lasting. Starting at $9.88, the Gillette Justice League Gift Sets deliver, providing epic savings on an epic shave!

teaching kids to give

I agree with K’s idea that it makes a great part of a theme gift: Grab up a couple of movie tickets, dawn some Justice League t-shirts, get dad to spiffy up a bit with his new Gillette Justice League Gift Set and celebrate the superhero he is on a night out at the movies. I think I’d like in on this action!

teaching kids to give

On Friday morning, December 1st look for me on KNWA News. I’ll be sharing the new Gillette Justice League Gift Set and tips for getting the kids involved with gift-giving.
teaching kids to give From our house to yours, wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays. Which superhero in your family is getting a Gillette Justice League Gift Set this year?


  • Ann-Marie

    Maybe two years ago my oldest (13 now) got into the giving spirit by wanting to use her own money to buy gifts for her siblings. I love that she came to that conclusion on her own, and it’s even seeped into friend-giving too. But I also think we could all use less “things” and I’d love to consider gifting unique experiences and special time together too.

    • Heather

      That is so wonderful! I love that. My youngest stepdaughter turns 12 a week before Christmas and is getting into the groove on it, too. We’d also agree with you- giving experiences is important. Usually for us, it’s travel. With this gift set, we wrap it into something affordable that kids can give along with a movie experience. Got to start them somewhere :)!

  • Sue Reddel

    What a fun idea to have the kids make a giving list instead of a list of what they want. It helps bring the real reason for the holiday to the forefront which is the most important thing.

  • Ali Rost

    I have a four-year-old grandson and the past couple of years I’ve done something similar with him. What started out as a way to keep him from being so antsy about Christmas, has turned into the most beautiful tradition. At our house, we don’t do a lot of gift-giving at Christmas time and instead use the money to splurge on extra special things throughout the year. Therefore, he and I have a running list of fun little gifts for the people we love. It forces the two of us to always be looking out for others instead of thinking about ourselves. A few of our latest gift purchases? A new puzzle for us all to enjoy during the cold months, a cool coffee cup for his grandpa and a gift certificate for his mom to get her hair done because she had a job interview. x

  • Melissa Dixon

    I was just saying that I need to find something to get for my brothers birthday as well as Christmas. He is a big superhero fan even at the ripe age of 35! I need to pick this up for him and I like the idea of getting him some shirts as well as tickets too. This would be a great gift idea for both his Birthday and Christmas since they are so close together!

  • Jeanine

    This is a great idea. i would love to get my kids to create a giving list I think its so important for kids especially now to be learning more about be giving.Teaching them the true meaning behind the season which for me is more about giving than anything else!