Taking a Break

Hi! Anyone still around LOL?

I put this on Facebook, but I figured I’d come in and say ‘hi’ and let you know I’m taking a blogging break. Nothing is wrong. Nothing bad has happened. I’m just extremely busy with life.

Blogging Break

I also just haven’t felt like blogging. And I feel like the blog has missed the mark of feeling like “me”. Yes, I am living the country life as a ‘city wife’. That part is totally me. But I look at our photos and the blog and I see “serious.” I see “uptight”. I don’t see us. We are neither of those things. Where’s the silly? Where’s the fun? Definitely needs addressing.

I do product reviews for stuff I’m interested in or that I actually use, but because of laws about how we share these things – and networks and brands being so afraid to break those laws- they seem like commercials to me. The creativity feels limited and while monetizing helps pay the bills, I don’t want to compromise authenticity to get there.

I feel like I’ve held back and, at times, really censored myself. That’s also SO not me in real life. Love it or hate it, I don’t sugarcoat. I don’t need the protection of a keyboard and computer screen. I’ve had some shitty comments here based on what people *think* they know and really, as bloggers we put ourselves out there. I get that. I have really thick skin. But I am also a human being and pretty capable adult that doesn’t need nor want to explain every aspect of my life to an audience. So it leaves me wondering just how much to tell, if I decide to tell anything at all. That’s not for dramatic effect. Just is what it is, you know what I mean?

It may be a month, six months, a year. I don’t know. I suspect I’ll pick it back up sooner than later, but it’ll be more focused on home than other content. Sponsored posts will be fewer.

Other stuff

While contemplating leaving a job that wasn’t for me (and I wasn’t going to be a fit for them either, I could tell immediately), an opportunity came to me. I seized it and it has been wonderful; minimal travel and back to my love of events and marketing. I get to work from home – aka the Estate (our RV lol) – and the team is awesome.

I’m on boarding now and much of my focus is concentrated there. I have a little travel coming up, too and I feel like I’m ready for it again. It’s just for a handful of days every so often and it won’t rule my life anymore. I needed to get to that place and I’m here. This time last year I was buried and waking up not knowing what city or country I was in. This year? Heck, I get to be here for my step-grandaughter’s first birthday this weekend and then we’re off to Colorado for a week. From there I’ll be working and we’ll celebrate hubs’ birthday with a little less humidity. Cue the “ahhhh”. Thank you, serendipity.


Through some more serendipity, 5 acres of land with a cabin right next to our 5.5 acres was presented to us for sale. We put a contract on it and will close later in the year. This changes our build schedule for the house since there is already water, power, septic, etc. at the cabin. It holds it up on the front end, speeds it up on the back end; if that makes sense.

That was our anniversary present to each other; we celebrated our fourth year of marriage this month. It’s flown. And never in a million years did I think my husband and I would own 10.5 acres of land with a small cabin and be able to custom build a home. Of course, it’s Arkansas and things are still affordable here.

There have been some challenges with my brother being in the hospital a few times, but he’s on the mend. If you’d think a good thought for him, I’d appreciate it.

All in all, life is treating us well. I’m going to go concentrate on that for a bit. I need to live my moments right now and see where the blog fits into my life rather than fitting my life into the blog. It puts a smile on my face to write that.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer and stay in touch on Twitter (I’m @citycountrylife). I’ve got to have one online addiction ;).