5 Reasons I’m Loving Living the Full Time RV Life

I’m sitting at my dining table, just finished a bowl of Kashi, sipping on some hot jasmine tea. Hubs is at the lake catching dinner, Bella is zonked out after our morning walk and Doc is doing hot laps around his terrarium. The sun is shining and I’m in yoga pants. Life is good. It’s been three weeks since the hubs and I became full time RVers. It has also been a whirlwind. The weekend we moved, it poured. Lighting and thunderstorms along with flash floods put us behind a day. When we finally got to our spot, Arkansas had historic flooding. We were fortunate to be in a safe pocket. Then I got severe bronchitis that required three medications and a lot of rest. Somewhere in all that I got a job offer (that was NOT in the plans)! While it’s been an adjustment, it hasn’t been negative. It hasn’t been hard. So to catch you all up, here are 5 Reasons full time RV life rocks.

Full Time RV Life Rocks

5 Reasons full time RV life rocks

1-It’s cheap

Of course there is the initial investment in your RV. As I mentioned before, we lucked out on a deal and paid about half of what the dealer wanted by going through a private owner-and we got some great upgrades. He has six kids, a seventh on the way and realized a 30′ RV wasn’t large enough for his family. They used it once for three days. Those deals are out there all over the place, so definitely keep that in mind if you’re looking to invest in an RV! Okay, so yes, we are building a house. And believe me when I tell you it will be done as green as possible. Our last place was anything but energy efficient and we have learned so many lessons from our experience. In the meantime, full-time RVing is awesome. Before we move to the land next week, we’re at a campground near Beaver Lake. For the entire month the cost is $375 – that includes electric, sewage, water and trash. Some places have wireless and cable, too. We have an antenna on the RV (they all have one) and that gets us a lot of channels for free, though we aren’t big TV watchers and have Netflix and Amazon for movies. When we move onto our land, it would be a stretch to spend $50 a month on utilities. You can also put a solar panel on some RV’s. You’ll probably meal plan since you’ll want to keep the fridge and pantry stocked (bonus: you’ll eat healthier). Oh – and the insurance on travel trailers is EXTREMELY reasonable (shout out to State Farm)!

2-Come and go as you please

If there’s something you know about me, it’s that I like to be on the move. To be able to pick up and move spots with little notice is awesome. No need for a hotel room and if you want to stay somewhere for a little longer, it usually won’t be an issue. You have everything at your finger tips- a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. Don’t like a spot? Just get up and go. No worries about breaking hotel reservations.

3-You’re more likely to explore

Our RV spot is close to a lot of great hiking trails and a state park so we get out to explore a lot. It’s great coming back, cuddling up and watching a movie. We have some awesome times in our RV, but during the day you look out of the windows and you ask, “What else is there to see?” It doesn’t necessarily suck you in like a house does.

4-It’s much faster to clean!

Let me just be really blunt: Cleaning a 4500 square foot house? IT SUCKED. A 30′ RV? LOL You’re done pretty quickly! You do need to be a bit educated on sewage hoses and your tanks, but to be honest I’m totally good with the hubs handling all that LOL.

5-It makes you realize what it’s important

There’s always an excuse and I know because I had plenty of them: “When the kids are older”, “When we pay off such and such”, “My job,” “All our stuff”…the list goes on and on. If you want to do something you’ll make it happen. I can see some of you rolling your eyes, but believe me. You will and you CAN. I’ve seen people living with their kids full-time in an RV and I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for some who have learned what we’re doing they’ve told me this is their dream and they don’t think they can make it happen til the kids are older. Not to be all philosophical, but the time is now. We aren’t promised tomorrow. We have a today. And if you’re worried about the kids, I can tell you K is doing really great. She even exclaimed how surprised she was about how big the shower is LOL! She is part of our decisions. Since she is the youngest and L is in Texas and M is off to college next year, K is most involved since it’ll be awhile before she leaves the nest.

We got a 12×24 barn (which I looove and will become my future she shed). We sold most of our furnishings with the exception of M’s bedroom which went to her mom’s house and K’s bedroom which is in the barn. I gave away and sold a lot of other stuff, too. Know what? Everything else in the house fit in that barn. We accumulate so much stuff, but do we ever really examine what we have? I don’t miss any of what we parted with. It makes me realize I was hanging on to all these things I didn’t need.

Full Time RV Life Rocks
My future She-Shed

5 Reasons full time RV life rocks – Keeping is simple

I’d heard a million times full time RV life rocks. It is so true. Life is simpler now. It’s so beyond peaceful. I am happy. There are some unknowns-did I mention the job offer?-, but I wake up glad that as I approach my next birthday (a week from tomorrow whaaaa???!) I am living my word of the year – I acted. We didn’t wait for life to happen. We made it happen. And I’m proud of us for it.

So there you have it – full time rv life rocks, peeps.

If you want to check out what our digs look like you can click here. Just scroll down for the pics – ours has two doors on it and the interior is different than in the photos. I’ll have to take some pictures to show you “The Estate” LOL. I’ll be back soon to update on the job offer and house building. But now, the sun is calling my name and I am STILL trying to figure out what to do for my birthday next week. 🙂 See you soon! XOXO – H. full time rv life rocks