We Didn’t Want to “Make it Work” Anymore… So We’re Doing Something About it

I don’t even know where to start. It’s been crickets around here, I know. A LOT is going on. I’ve been about to explode waiting to tell you all, but yesterday we finally made it official. We sat in an office and signed the papers that would make us free again. Let me explain… full time rving

When we arrived to Arkansas, my husband and I moved into a 4,500 sq ft house thinking his girls would be around a lot more than they are. What we’d imagined in our heads didn’t match up to reality. Images of a house full of kids, hours in the game room and regular movie nights in our theater room didn’t come to fruition. What we thought would be “lots of togetherness” turned into two people sitting, twiddling their thumbs, looking around at a big, empty house and thinking, “What the heck are we doing?”

Full time RVing

While he was in the military, life went on. The girls grew and with that, so did their responsibilities – school, sports, friends. That’s totally okay, but what we did is get into a house based on life before. I was trying to fit into this box of what I thought we were supposed to do; the house, the perfectly painted bedrooms and dinner on the perfectly decorated table as much as possible. I love my decorations, don’t get me wrong, but I realized when it comes to this crew not a one of us is meant to fit in a box. And for all the space we have, we felt suffocated. Life was good, yet it felt like we were “making it work” when what we want is to rock at life.

I don’t know whether it was the latest astronomical electricity bill (even with savings measures) or just feeling like so much of our money is going toward house costs rather than adventures, but it was time. I quit my career job. That also means I took a pay cut. You feel the bills a lot more, know what I mean? I quit to have more time. Money comes and goes but you don’t get life back. While I freed myself from one thing, I felt chained to the house. The bottom line is we don’t want to feel tied down. It is almost soul-crushing, yet tied down is exactly where we found ourselves. Many people want to plant roots and never leave where they are. That’s totally cool. For us, we like change and exploring beyond the borders of home.

Country Life

I told hubs when we left San Diego if I am leaving the city, I want to live IN the country. I didn’t want in-between. Our area is being built up and with bypasses coming in and new subdivisions being built around us, this little town of 2000 is on a path to reach 5000 next year. Never in a million years did I think I’d feel that was too big, but I do (when you take into account land area). I wanted to make homesteading a reality. We have a small start here, but moving will allow it to become a lifestyle. It was time to act.

With one of the girls now out of state, one very busy high-schooler off to college next year and another who is just as much of an adventurer as we are, the timing is right. I asked the hubs what he’d think if we find some land and become full-time RVers while we build a house that’s meant especially for us. Luckily he is the most flexible and easy-going person on the planet. He didn’t even bat an eye. Of course, we had to ask K her thoughts on full time RVing while we build since this affects her during her time with us. She is completely on board. Then everything fell into place beautifully.

Full time RVing

I found a 30′ RV in Florida that had been used one time for three days before the owner decided it was too small for his family. We got a DEAL, people. Last week we went down to Florida to visit my parents, took a look at it and brought it back to Arkansas with us.

Full time RVing

Home building

Last month, hubs found 5.5 acres for sale by owner right next to a state park. We closed on it Friday (April 7th).

Full time RVing

There is so much I’d like to do to live off the grid as much as possible. Beekeeping is finally going to become reality and I’ve been dying for my laying hens. I love our pumpkin patch, so we’ll have another along with a fruit and vegetable garden. I don’t know how lavender will do in the Ozark Mountain climate, but we’ll be studying this a bit to see if we can make a 1/4 to 1/2 acre of it happen. Solar, of course. I’m trying hard not to get too far ahead of myself. We have soil tests and all sorts of things that still have to be done. Full time RVing is never something I had thought of at this time in our lives, but I am so grateful we are able to do this.

With a once a month hotel date night ( 😉 ) I think we’ll be just fine (I can’t entirely give up baths lol). I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see what we have in mind for the build.

Full time RVing
Bella and K checking out part of the new acreage facing east

What’s next

We’ve sold just about everything (if anyone needs a really great dining room set, email me haha). We’ll store what we want to keep and OF COURSE Doc and Bella will be along for the adventure. Our last day in the house is this month. I know I will be sad when we move. Of course I will. Leaving our first home in Arkansas will be hard, but I also know it’s the right thing. We’re ready to feel free again, to pick up and go and to use our money for memories instead of things. When it’s our time to leave earth we won’t take things with us. We’ll take memories. This is what matters to us. By the way, when K came over Friday she was so excited we watched a movie and slept in the darn thing right in the driveway LOL.

Full time RVing
Going from 4500 sq ft to a 30′ travel trailer 

Our first stop will be near the new land; on the lake. Hubs is looking forward to waking up in the mornings and going fishing. I’m looking forward to just about everything (not packing. I am NOT looking forward to packing). There is so much more to write about our full time RVing adventure to come. It’s almost overwhelming all of the thoughts spinning in my head, but I’ll leave it there for now.

I hope you all will join in our new journey. Cheers to the next chapter, you all. Full time RVing, here we come!

Full time RVing
A giant pine on our land and future site of taking in some great views of the Ozark Mountains