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Every so often a stroke of good luck comes along and the product gods smile upon me. Such was the case when I read about Hard Night Good Morning. I’d been pleased with my prior skincare regimen, but the cleanser was drying me out a bit and the line didn’t have products like a detox masque and most especially something specifically for the eye area. Now that I live somewhere with four seasons, my skin changes along with them. There’s also the small detail that I am turning 41 this year. Skin care in your 40s changes the game, peeps. Every birthday is a gift, but our skin doesn’t have to show it, right 😉 ? I’m excited to partner with Hard Night Good Morning on today’s post. They’ve also generously agreed to send one of my readers some goodies. Keep reading!

skincare in your 40s

Hard Night Good Morning – An Introduction

This skin care in your 40s is serious business so I put in a lot of research. Hard Night Good Morning is vegan and never tested on animals. It’s also paraben, phosphate, phthalate and sulfate-free so you’re covered whether you have sensitive skin, you’re dealing with breakouts or you’re extra dry (I get very dry around my eyebrows). Founder, D’Andra Simmons gets it. She understands the career woman who travels the globe, the busy mom (or dad!) who is up all night with a baby and those all-nighters we pulled back in the day. You bloggers out there may be like, “Back in the day? HA! Last night.” Not that I have any experience with that. Okay, I digress… Lack of sleep causes aging. We’ve all been there – we have hard nights, but we want to look good in the morning.

Skin care in your 40s or any age- Putting Hard Night Good Morning to the Test

PM Oil Cleanser

I know some people skip washing before bed. Don’! One thing that frustrates people is they feel like their cleanser doesn’t remove all traces of makeup and they end up with pores that feel dry and tight. That’s where the
PM Oil Cleanser/Makeup Remover comes in. This one is very different than any other cleanser I’ve used. It’s oil, but don’t let it scare you. It won’t clog your pores or leave you feeling greasy. It completely removes makeup (even waterproof mascara) and it feels really good. You can even use it by itself as a moisturizer when you’re feeling really dry.
skincare in your 40s

Facial Cocktail Serum

This stuff feels like magic. It smells like magic, too. The Facial Cocktail Serum hydrates the skin and tightens it so it becomes firmer without feeling dry. It gets bonus points because you can use it as a primer, too. It feels really light going on. Tip: During my last facial my aesthetician told me to pay attention to the back of my neck just like I would the front. When applying, softly apply in upward strokes. A little goes a long way here!

skincare in your 40s

Detox Mineral Masque

I love this one. I have tried a lot of masks and more often than not I’m feeling dry and even itchy until I moisturize. Not the case with the Hard Night Good Morning Detox Mineral Masque. It’s clay-based and oxygenates the skin. I use it once a week for skin repair, deep pore cleansing and to unplug. It just feels so good and cool going on my skin, too.
skin care in your 40s

Eye Cream

Okay I have to admit – the Hard Night Good Morning Eye Cream is MY FAVORITE. You can even put it on your eyelids! I had read a few testimonials and people were stating they saw a difference after the first use. I was extremely skeptical. I didn’t doubt its ability to make a difference, I just didn’t think it could be so quickly. Then I shared this video to my Facebook the day after I used the products for the first time.

skincare in your 40s

The trademarked ingredients and botanicals aka fairy dust are just magical. I have insomnia and while it’s getting better, I definitely see signs of it in the morning. The puffiness was drastically reduced and the black circles that do appear from time to time – gone. Natural Health Magazine even nominated it Best Eye Cream of the Year. Tip: The aesthetician also taught me how to drain the lymph nodes around my eyes to reduce puffiness. When you apply the eye cream start from the outside corner of your eyes, then press very gently one motion as you work inward. It really does make a difference.

To Sum it Up

Putting on my lecture hat for a moment. I know I’ve referred to skin care in your 40s, but if you’re 20 – it’s never too early to start. And if you’re 60 – it’s not too late. Take care of your skin! Believe me. Don’t skimp and don’t skip! I am going to be expanding my own collection of Hard Night Good Morning products that’s how much I love them. When I wake up in the morning I like to feel my skin because it’s soft. I am definitely fighting dryness around my eyebrows anymore either! So here’s an ultra close-up. No foundation, blush, bronzer, filters and no PhotoShopping (excuse the lip stain, though – I was lazy with taking it off). I anticipate after I implement the rest of Hard Night Good Morning’s line and I use it for a longer period of time my skin will do even better.

skincare in your 40s


When you place an order, the shipping is free by entering CLCW at checkout. Visit them here to take a look-see.

Your Turn – Enter to Win

Hard Night Good Morning is going to send one of my readers any two individual products of his or her choosing along with some eye cream samples (note: choices do not include the entire regimen collections, age 18 and over, US shipping addresses only).  Visit them here and let me know which you’d choose in the comments and good luck in the giveaway!


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