Hair, Skin & Nail Care – Inside & Out

This post was sponsored by Nature Made as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. As we get older most of us notice changes to our skin, hair and nails. You’ve read about topical healthcare and beauty products I use that take care of things on the outside. Well, around the time I was ten years old I got my hands on an old beauty book and it was a reminder that hair, skin and nail care also started from the inside. It was an innocent childhood indulgence and while these days many of us would find the tone a bit antiquated, there were some legitimate tidbits I still practice. When it comes to hair, skin and nail care here are a few tried and true things that actually work.

hair, skin and nail care

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Hair, skin and nail care – Inside & Out

Brush that hair

If you have an oily scalp and dry, brittle hair you probably aren’t brushing your hair enough. Brushing distributes your natural oils throughout the hair and removes build up from the scalp. It also stimulates the scalp helping to keep the hair follicles strong. It’s recommended to brush your hair three times a day, but most of us don’t make the time. Channel your inner Marsha Brady! At least twice a day use natural bristle brush to go through the hair about 25 times and be sure not to miss the scalp. It really will make a difference!

Nail tips – no pun intended

When you go to the nail salon they’ll often cut your cuticles as part of the manicure. Stop that! Your cuticles provide a barrier against bacteria and fungus and when they’re removed or cut, you risk some gnarly nail infections. If you have a hangnail, it’s okay to have it removed – just make sure the tools are sterilized. As for pushing your cuticles back, it’s not as damaging but you should still skip it if you can. File those nails in one direction, too. This way they won’t become jagged allowing water to penetrate the nail bed giving you brittle nails. Avoid the acetone and watch what you’re putting on your nails. Avoid products with toxins. You can have rockin’ nails without all the chemicals.

Take your vitamins

Your parents, spouse, friends, doctor; you’ve probably had a conversation about vitamins with some of these people in your life. As a cancer survivor, I pay close attention to what’s recommended by professional health care providers and my pharmacist (he rocks). With so many choices it’s easy to wonder what in the world to choose when you need something a bit more specific. For instance, when it comes to the best skin, hair and nail care vitamins what works?

Nature Made® Beauty Health: Hair Skin & Nails

Hair, Skin and Nail Care

I go with what I know and that’s the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Nature Made® Vitamins. They are trusted and I love that they hope to make each day a little healthier through the one extra little thing to give you a boost. Through their product innovations, they actively pursue health and wellness using quality ingredients to partner with their customers in reaching their health goals, little by little, every day. And the money back guarantee doesn’t hurt either 😉 . If you don’t love them, just return the bottle. You can’t lose.

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hair, skin and nail care

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Good luck to everyone who enters! Now. Do tell – what are your tried and true hair, skin and nail care tips?