5 Unconventional Exercises that Actually Help Chronic Pain

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. #StopPainNow #CollectiveBias We all know it is important to exercise, but sometimes there are challenges that stop us from being able to get a workout in. Time is limited, you’re driving down the road and the donut shop sign¬†lights up ūüėČ or we have lack of motivation. For some people chronic pain keeps them on the sidelines and¬†even small movements cause a great deal of discomfort. The hubs is faced with this now. Because of injuries from his time in the military, he has to be careful about how he works out. His spinal cord is injured to the point one of his vertebrae is almost fused into the tail bone. Unfortunately, it’s too risky for the doctors to operate since there is a chance they could sever the spinal cord. Suffice it to say, they have tried a whole lot of conventional medications that¬†haven’t worked. Because of this we’ve done some research on how to deal with chronic pain through natural methods. This includes dietary supplements and 5 unconventional exercises¬†that actually work.

5 Unconventional Exercises

Curamin¬ģ Stop Pain Now

If you’ve got chronic pain and you want to keep active, I’ve got to start off by telling you about¬†Curamin¬ģ Stop Pain Now. The hubs’ neurologist actually recommended it to him during an appointment.¬†We certainly appreciated the endorsement. Among veterans there has been a rise in addiction to heavy painkillers so we feel good knowing¬†that Curamin¬ģ Stop Pain Now is an herbal formula that’s safe and non-addictive. Throughout the natural product industry it has been recognized for pain relief with 28 awards and counting. No wonder it’s the #1 selling brand and voted #1 for pain relief, too! Curamin¬ģ¬†is available at fine health food stores nationwide and they have a handy dandy store locator to help you out. We get ours at¬†AKiN’S Natural Foods.

Armed with a product that actually works, let’s talk workouts…

5 Unconventional Exercises that actually help chronic pain

Some may surprise you, but these 5 unconventional exercises switch things up a bit and they build strength while not over-taxing joints and muscles. Some give you an amazing stretch, too.

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Surfing can be a bit too intense if you deal with chronic pain, so Stand Up Paddle Boarding also known as SUPing is¬†a great alternative. Working all of your muscles as your body exerts energy to maintain balance, the legs are stabilizing on the board while your arms, back and shoulders are used to paddle the board through the water. This is a great workout for those who need low impact exercise to improve the core while building cardio strength. Ahhh those San Diego days…
    5 Unconventional Exercises

  • Core40

    In a class-type setting, you’ll use a machine called a carriage to use¬†your muscles and 600 of them¬†are pulled and stretched for forty minutes! It physically pushes you by engaging the body in fluid motions to achieve a workout. Core40 has helped numerous people with chronic back issues and is said to improve physical strength in less time than using conventional weight-training methods. After my major surgery three years ago, it helped me tremendously.
    5 Unconventional Exercises

  • Bikram Yoga

    For those wanting to take their yoga routines to the next level, Bikram isn‚Äôt for the faint of heart. After consulting your healthcare provider¬†to make sure this type of yoga is safe for you, join in and repeat the same 26 poses for 90 minutes in a room heated to 104¬įF. Bikram improves dead-weight lift, flexibility and flushes toxins from the system through the some really heavy sweating. Of course, if you can’t make it to the yoga studio, you can grab your mat and do some poses in the great outdoors. I envy my brother’s¬†Sirsasana. He was getting started here. Note, in full pose the forearms touch the mat.5 Unconventional Exercises

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    I know what you’re thinking! Boxing rings and nail-biting physical matches on pay-per-view! But don’t worry. As someone who has done MMA for years, the training part is all you need to get the benefits of this workout. Not only will you become more fit through the full body workouts concentrating on strength and speed, you’ll enjoy the self-discipline. Of course, the increased ability to defend yourself through the moves you learn in your workouts is a benefit, too.
    5 Unconventional Exercises

  • Aerial Fabric Ribbon Workout

    Funny enough, my introduction into aerial fabric ribbon workouts came from an old flame. He totally got into it and I¬†was super nervous to try it, but when I did it felt amazing. The workout¬†is designed specifically to stretch and open the body. Using hanging equipment and fabric apparatuses you’re challenged to¬†use your own body weight while implementing gymnastics, acrobatics and ballet to work the muscles and decompress the spine. I’ve heard it also helps to conquer a fear of heights (jury is still out for me on that one). You can start very slowly and work your way to more advanced moves.
    5 Unconventional Exercises

So there you have it

Alrighty, you all. 5 unconventional exercises that really do help with chronic pain. Paired with Curamin¬ģ¬†and you’re on your way to TRUE relief. How about you guys? Are there any unconventional exercises your’re trying to help with your chronic pain?