5 Ways to Rock Spring Cleaning

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Clorox Company, Georgia Pacific, &/or Sun Products. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s about that time. Spring is almost here. Even my tulips are already popping up! People everywhere are revving up to get started on their spring cleaning. I know it may seem a little cray-cray, but I get excited about it. It’s a bit of an event around here. I kick everyone out of the house and go to town. Before I get started, there are a few things I do to keep myself on track. Here are five ways to rock your spring cleaning. Spring cleaning printablespring cleaning printable

1) Make a checklist

Spring cleaning printable

I know, I know. It’s pre-smartphone apps and so old-fashioned, but checking off each task just feels good. It will help keep you focused. I know I tend to get sidetracked from time to time and when I glance at my checklist it’s a reminder to stop contemplating whether I should keep that top I haven’t worn in three years and to put it in the donate pile. Grab my free spring cleaning printable here: spring cleaning printable

2) Get Yourself a Spring Cleaning Outfit

Okay, so you know how some people get motivated to go to the gym by getting cute workout clothes? Same general idea. Grab a pair of yoga pants that are the right length (you don’t want them dragging as you clean the floors) and a t-shirt that will make you laugh while you’re cleaning the mirrors. For all my male readers, grab some basketball shorts and you know you want a funny t-shirt, too. Stick that hair in a top-bun (or a man-bun ) and you’re ready to get to work! And remember messy is fine. We’re cleaning, not going to prom. 😉

spring cleaning printable
Look at those clean blinds!

3) Sell and Donate Your Old Clothes

One of those checklist items? Get two boxes or two big garbage bags. Take a marker and label one “SELL” and one “DONATE. Bring them into your closet. Look around. Besides anything significant like your wedding gown (I still have my PROM DRESS, too) if you haven’t worn it in a year or more, put it in one of the boxes. Check out the local resale shops to see what items they’re looking for. You can make some money selling things you no longer want or wear. Of course, donating gently used items to women’s and children’s shelters is always a huge help, too. You can also choose to receive a receipt for your taxes. spring cleaning printable

4)Rock Out

Here’s where the technology comes in. Get thee to your phone, tablet or laptop and make yourself a cleaning playlist. Music motivates us, improves our mood and reduces stress. It’s science! Pick songs that will keep you moving and singing along. How many of us have used the steam mop as a guitar or the duster as a mic? C’mon, you know you have. 😉

spring cleaning printable
Okay, so you may want to go a little more modern.

5) Grab your Cleaning Products at Dollar General

If you know me, you know I have Clorox ® Disinfecting Wipes with me all the time. They’re the best for in-between cleanings (and to wipe those nasty tray-tables on the plane, but I digress). They’re also convenient for doorknobs, handles, cabinet pulls and just about anything people touch.  Get yourself to Dollar General and stock up early so you’re organized and ready to go. Spring Cleaning printable Grab your Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner (yes we have to do them), Clorox® Clean-Up Spray (perfect for kitchen counters) and Clorox® Bleach while you’re there. Tip: Fill the tub, pour in the bleach and let it sit. It’ll whiten the tub and disinfect it at the same time. From 2/19/17 until 3/19/17 you can save $5 with a $15 purchase across Georgia Pacific and Sun Products. Check out the savings.
Alright, now we’re all ready to get our clean on. So tell me – what songs should I add to my playlist this year? Happy cleaning, everyone! Don’t forget your free spring cleaning printable!

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