Cut Cell Phone Costs with Ting Mobile – No Kidding

This post brought to you by Ting Mobile. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Country Life City Wife. So my mom and dad took a big step in their retirement. They sold their house, downsized and moved into a condo in a retirement community. Clubhouses, golf course, pool, the whole nine yards. Not too shabby. They’re really keeping things simple, living debt-free and with grand-kids I know they’re thinking about their futures. Thanks to today’s sponsor I have something for everyone out there who wants to cut costs. Whether you’re like my parents; baby boomers simplifying financial obligations, or you want to save for your family, today’s sponsor Ting Mobile, will help with the cell phone bill part of the equation. I think it’s safe to write we ALL want to cut cell phone costs, especially those of us with family plans. Cut cell phone costs

A real person picked up the phone?

I called Ting Mobile’s customer support desk and there was no hold time. A LIVE person picked up the phone, guys! They have no automated system. I really like the idea of my mom and dad calling and getting to speak to a live person especially when it comes to walking them through any type of questions regarding their bill or service. This was too funny and too true for me not to share: Cut cell phone costs

So what does it cost?

Average bill for one line? $23 a month. Nope, I didn’t leave a zero off the end. $23! Doing the math with their handy dandy chart, for the three lines we currently have our bill would be about $87 a month. For.three.lines. And we do A LOT of texting. You can compare what you pay now to what you’d pay with Ting by checking out their comparison calculator. It does all the math for you. If you’re wondering why they can offer such great prices it’s because they offer rates instead of service plans. You pay for what you use. Cut cell phone costs

I want to cut cell phone costs, too! How do I get started?

If you have T-Mobile or Sprint, give Ting Mobile a call at 844.913.7300 or visit them at 80% of phones will operate on their network so it’s highly likely yours will port right over. They are the only service provider that allows you to have one account with devices on different networks. If you want to see whether your phone will work, you can check by entering your phone’s MEID or IEMI number right here. They work with both GSM and CDMA and they’ll pay 25% of your early termination fee, up to $75. If you want to cap your minutes to receive you can set an alert to let you know how you’re doing on minutes and data. You can also login to your dashboard to track usage.

A personal side note:

Not so long ago I worked for an OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. We made cell phones. I know the industry and I know A LOT of service providers claim to help you cut cell phone costs then stick you with hidden costs. Or they make it so complicated to save you just give up and don’t bother. Ting doesn’t operate that way. I adore my mom and dad, but they’re not exactly the most tech savvy people, though I’m super proud of their emoji usage lol! Anyhow, if you or your parents are looking to simplify your cell phone plan, cut costs – especially with a family plan or just looking for something new, check out Ting. Because saving money is never a bad thing. 😉

Have you recently made a switch? Let me know about it in the comments!

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