venison recipe
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Venison with Garlic Butter

For the vegetarians out there, you may want to skip this one. As most of you know, my husband has been hunting since he was really young. It’s how his family put food on the table and now he does the same for us. I find it wonderful; we know where our meat comes from, how it’s processed and it’s taken as humanely as possible. Not only is it truly organic, at times it can be over $50 a pound so it saves us a lot of money. Some people don’t care for the wild taste of deer, but this venison recipe with garlic butter is pretty sure to please. *Affiliate link below. Click here for my full disclosure.

venison recipe

First things first. If you don’t like the ‘wild’ flavor of deer (some people say “gamey”) you can soak it overnight using milk, buttermilk or salted water. They all do the same thing to me by removing the blood. Some people will tell you it has to do with how quickly the meat is processed or how it was shot. Bottom line, some people are just sensitive to the taste and soaking it will help with that.

Now, grab your ingredients. Remember the steaks will shrink as you cook them, too. Note-I had two cloves of garlic here, but one is PLENTY:
venison recipe

Take the butter and crush the garlic, stir it and put it to the side:
venison recipe
Salt and pepper the venison then put it in a frying pan, that you wiped down with olive oil (use a paper towel to apply the oil). Fry for two minutes on each side:
venison recipe
Remove from frying pan and put those bad boys on a baking sheet. I use USA Pan’s Baking Sheets. I LOVE THEM. Stick them in the oven at 350Β°F | 177Β°C for 7 minutes on each side. Note: if they’re thinner cuts, less time. Thicker, more time. And play with it. Oven times vary. You may like your meat more well done or rare. You get my gist.

venison recipe

Remove from oven, put that butter on your steak and serve with your favorite sides.

venison recipe

Here’s a video I played with:

And there’s my super easy venison recipe with garlic butter. I hope you all enjoy! Be sure to grab with the printable recipe card below. If you have a favorite venison recipe, feel free to add it to the comments below. Bon AppΓ©tit!

venison recipe

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  • Carol

    A fried of ours gave us some venison steaks recently and I wondered how I would cook them. This meal looks great, so I think I have my answer. Garlic butter makes anything taste great. Can’t wait to try out the recipe. Thanks for sharing it.
    Carol recently posted…Growing Onions indoorsMy Profile

  • sue @nofixedabodeforsue

    That must have been a major adjustment for you moving from city to country but you sure seem to have embraced it with this recipe. I don’t eat a great deal of venison but it’s so interesting to read how and why the taste is different, and importantly how you can adapt it by soaking in milk.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I think the last time I had venison was when I was still a young girl. Honestly, I did not enjoy the taste then. However, I really think it is in the way the meat is prepared which makes all the difference in taste. Now, as an adult, I enjoy eating venison in restaurants. I have not yet ventured into preparing them myself though. I think you did a great job with yours!

  • Stephanie Jeannot

    I do not think I have ever had venison but just by looking at it in the dish that you prepared, it looks somewhat like a steak to me. I am guessing it tastes good. Is it deer/ What kind of meat is it actually? The meal looks pretty good. I wonder what it would taste like.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    My husband is also a hunter — totally new world for me when we met! I have heard every trick in the book when it comes to removing the gamey taste, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I’m always looking for new Venison Recipes, I get tired of cooking it the same way all the time. We process our own deer, which might be the reason, but I’ve never seen a cut of venison like that before.
    Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking recently posted…Sloppy Joe Taco BoatsMy Profile

    • Heather

      Hubs processes ours, too. We get a lot of different cuts. Back straps (I have one in the crock pot right now πŸ™‚ ), grind it up, steaks, etc. He’s been doing it since he was a little boy. My dad hunted and fished, but growing up he fished a lot more. So it was also a big adjustment for me. I don’t understand the peace of going into the cold woods, but hey…he loves it so I totally support it LOL! πŸ™‚

  • Margaret MacKenzie

    I like the idea of the garlic butter on the steak. We eat a lot of deer this year as my husband got one and then a friend of his got one and didn’t want much of it. I cook it similarly but sear it a little darker and cook it 5 – 7 minutes per side in the fry pan, without going to the oven. Thanks for the video and great post.

    • Heather

      I’d like to try it stove top only, but I always find it gets dry that way. I’d love to know your secret! Hubs got one this year, too so we’re set. I’m so happy about. Deer chili next up LOL!

  • Valerie

    I’ve only had venison twice. It always seems tough to me. Is there a way to prevent that? This recipe looks so very good and flavorful. We have a lot of deer on our property and I won’t let people hunt them because I love them and the few times I’ve had the meat it’s not been very good so I’ am going to have a friend make this for us. I can’t wait to try it and hear what you have to say about the toughness.

    • Heather

      A lot of times if the meat is tough, it could be a deer that was old or a deer that was under some stress (usually the bucks – the adrenaline from hunting season and avoiding hunters affects their muscles). Sometimes that’s why people prefer to eat a doe – since they’re not hunted as much they’re not as “stressed”. It also could just mean it was cooked too long. Tenderizing the meat helps and sometimes you just can’t know ’til you eat it, but I do recommend keeping a close watch to not overcook it. We have a family of seven deer that live on our land and those are TOTALLY off limits, so I get you. We feed them and have named them. πŸ™‚ They’re like our pets. I

  • rika

    Looks really good! I have never tried Venison, I am sure my husband will love this type of meat! I love garlic butter steak sauce!