It’s National Hot Tea Month – What to Drink!

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Peeps, it’s National Hot Tea Month. I didn’t even know this was a thing. Shocking, I know! If you’ve seen me around on social, you know I drink a lot of tea and if you’ve been here awhile you also know I am just a li’l obsessed. So in honor of National Hot Tea Month I am putting together a little hodgepodge celebration of what to drink, where to visit and what to buy.

National Hot Tea Month
For thousands of years tea has been regarded as a way of life in many cultures, not just in my kitchen. Second only to water, there is a reason it is the most consumed beverage on earth (betcha thought it was coffee)! So for National Hot Tea Month here’s what you should be drinking and why. And for the love of cake (which goes great with tea) use an infuser to steep (or you can also use paper filters). From fighting cancer to helping the ol’ stomach these are ten of my favorites.

National Hot Tea Month – What to Drink


A little bit sweet, a little bit spicy this tea got its start in India and is known for its benefits to the digestive system. It removes toxins from the liver and blood, boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. A tea master once said of Ayurvedic tea, “Four cups a day keep the doctor away!” Yep.  I had a tea master. 😉 The Art of Tea has a beautiful collection.


A great alternative for those who want to cut down on coffee; chai is a strong herbal tea that can be mixed with organic milk or cream for a rich latte. Full of antioxidants its free radicals are said to protect against cancer and aid the pancreas in digesting fats and proteins. This is the only tea I add anything to. Sometimes I add almond milk and a drop of Mexican Vanilla. Otherwise, it is still great in its pure form.


Best Homer Simpson voice: “MMMM jasmine!” This is my all-time favorite. It’s a sweet-scented flower mixed with green and white teas resulting in a beautifully aromatic drink whether served hot or cold. There are also jasmine pearls which literally look like small pearls and open up into big, beautiful leaves. In addition to stress reduction, jasmine is known to minimize arthritic pain, promote a healthy GI tract, provide protection against bacterial infection and its catechins boost cardiovascular health. Get it from Blooming With Joy for a great price.


Since I got married on a lavender farm, this is also near and dear to me. Known to soothe body aches, the flowers of this shrub have long been used to control muscle spasms. Lavender tea is also known to treat migraines and relax the muscles responsible for moving food through the intestines. I get mine from Keys Creek Lavender Farm, where the hubs and I got married.


A staple in many homes, fragrant and flowery, this light herb from Egypt is perfect before bed to help achieve a great night’s sleep. It also fights colds, soothes upset stomachs and is widely known for comforting menstrual cramps. This one will help with migraines and this one with sleep.

National Hot Tea Month
Chamomile is just so pretty

Monkey Picked Oolong

Legend says monkeys belonging to Buddhist Monks once picked the very best oolong leaves for tea steeping. Now one of the most expensive and highest quality of the oolong family, the price is worth it for this earthy, smooth tea. Said to have metabolism boosting properties, oolong also regulates blood sugar levels and protects against chronic disease. I absolutely love Tea Upon Chatsworth’s, but if you can’t make it to San Diego you can get it from Silk Road Teas.

Monk’s Blend

If there is a tea that could be described as malt-like; Monk’s Blend would be it. Originating in India with vanilla undertones and a touch of grenadine, it said to soothe the soul. Served hot or iced, this treat lowers your risk of Parkinson’s Disease, osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.


This woodsy tea is what you drink before a big presentation or taking a test! Known for sharpening the senses and cutting cholesterol this post-fermentation tea is sold in a variety of ways, sometimes packed into interesting shapes that can be broken apart for brewing. I get mine from Tea Gallerie in San Diego.

White Tea

Usually taken from the first tea harvest of the year, this tea is in high demand.  Subtle in taste and texture, it packs a punch when it comes to its virus and bacteria fighting qualities. Dentists approve of this fluoride-rich plaque fighter and it contains more of the powerful anti-oxidant polyphenols than any other type of tea (known for killing cancer cells). Often considered the most treasured of teas, make this one when you have the time to enjoy every sip. Adagio has a really great sampler to get you started.


The health benefits of these seeds have been known to reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer and increase energy. Almond tea is often mixed with dried fruits such as oranges and cherries resulting in a sweet drink that is a healthy and tasty replacement for Amaretto. SO.GOOD. My stepdaughter got me Savoy’s Mistletoe Tea for Christmas one year and I am still in love with it. Dried oranges, almond slivers and peppercorns. It’s just beautiful! On the topic of Savoy Tea Company…

National Hot Tea Month and Stopping by Savoy Tea Company

When I moved to Arkansas I immediately felt at home when I walked into Savoy Tea Company. Hubs and I had a chance to speak with their owner and founder, Bill Beyer yesterday and it was such a pleasure. Not to mention they have some great Jasmine Pearl, too. I just love hanging out here and I tell you I SOOOO want a tea wall like this. SWOON.

national hot tea month
With Bill Beyer, founder and owner of Savoy Tea Co

As someone with an experiential marketing background they speak my language because they really pride themselves on giving the customer a special experience. Bill said, “Our marketing is our experience,” and I couldn’t agree more.

If ever you’re in Northwest Arkansas or in a couple of other places where they’re opening new stores this year (exciting) you must stop in. And for you coffee drinkers they have coffee, too. Oh. I also want a tea wall like this 😉 :

national hot tea month

If you’re not a tea drinker and you’d like to give it a try, visit a local tea shop and ask the staff to recommend something. Tell them your tastes and they’ll hook you right up. Soon enough you’ll have your own rituals. And hopefully sometime soon I’ll sit right here with one of my readers enjoying conversation and a cup of beautiful tea. Cheers you all – Happy National Tea Month!

National Hot Tea Month