2017 Word of the Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Can you believe it is 2017? The Christmas decorations are packed and put away and I feel like the house itself took a deep breath as if to say, “Ahhhh. I can breathe again.” Life in general has slowed down before I head back to the office and the girls get back to school. I’m loving the opportunity to take pause, look back to see how the year went and to allow myself to slow down a little. Of course as with any new year, a lot of resolutions are filling my social feeds. I don’t necessarily do them myself but I have done a word of the year. It helps bring me back to center when I need that kick in the pants. I skipped it last year, but for 2017 I’m bringing it back.

word of the year

2016 phew

2016 was a whirlwind for us. I feel like I blinked and the year was over. I left a job that had me gone all of the time. It was a wonderful experience with great people, but it was time to move on so I did just that. Serendipity came into play then I took another position in the blogosphere.

But still…

There were things I wanted to do and some personal aspirations I stepped away from that perhaps I shouldn’t have. It may have been fear or bad timing; perhaps a mixture of both, but as I thought of my word of the year, I knew it had to be something that was poignant and meaningful. It had to be a reminder to make like a Nike and Just Do It. So I thought about it and three little letters came to mind.

Word of the Year 2017

A-C-T. Act.

My word of the year is act. Not the kind of acting you see on Broadway 😉 . I mean act upon that which motivates and genuinely interests me. Often I hold back with excuses of lack of time or fear of failure, but what’s the worst that can happen? From the small stuff like acting upon the need to relax to the bigger things I want to do like taking on more clients, I’m going to act. I won’t worry about tomorrow, but I can act TODAY. And you know what? I implemented my word and already it’s paying off (more to come).

To all of you, I’m hoping you act on the things you want to accomplish and I’m wishing much love, good health and laughter to you and yours this year! See you soon. xoxo, Heather

word of the year