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You may have seen a really cool and beautiful JORD wood watch pop up in your newsfeeds lately. Me, too! I admit I wondered if it was just hype – could they really be that beautiful? And what about the quality? Well when JORD offered to send a complimentary watch so I could check it out and let you all know what I think, I was excited to choose the Dover Series Ebony & Rosewood Watch for the hubs.
JORD wood watch

Unboxing the Jord Wood Watch

When it came in, the packaging was beautiful. We were both impressed with the presentation and agree it would make a great holiday gift, or honestly, a great anytime gift.

Fitting in with Fall

Here in Northwest Arkansas, fall is finally smiling upon us. This is the drive on the way up to the house. Beautiful, huh? Le sigh…

JORD wood watch

The Dover Series Ebony & Rosewood JORD wood watch not only looks super hot on the hubs, it just fits in so perfectly with fall. Seriously, it goes with everything. Including nature.

JORD Wood Watch

So what does a guy who rides a Harley Davidson and is pretty rough on his accessories think of the JORD wood watch? Here’s his take:

  • It feels light while still feeling sturdy
  • Easy clasp
  • It’s elegant, with a sporty side – it’s not “stuffy”
  • The wood is of utmost quality (he owns a tree business, he knows wood 😉 )
  • It’s unique – “not the norm”
  • Craftsmanship is obviously very good, too

Now I don’t want to call the hubs picky, BUT… he’s a bit particular. For him to be this impressed is, well, impressive!

JORD wood watch

So now you have our take, which JORD wood watch would you choose? Check them out here and let me know in the comments. Can’t wait to see what you’d choose!

JORD wood watch
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