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Create the Good – 25 Days, 25 Ways to Care

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25 Days 25 Ways Create the Good

If there is something you know about me, it is that I try hard to live by the belief ‘the gift is in the giving’. I don’t just like to tout about it, I try to make it part of my every day. When I think about the times I was sick so many names and faces come to mind. I want to tell you about some of them today. I want to tell you how they changed my life; saved my life. Then I want you all to do something for me. Think about someone you know who is out there changing lives and nominate them for the Create the Good 25 Days 25 Ways to Care Contest. I LOVE THIS contest! I’ll tell you more about it in a minute.


Some of you know that the first time I was diagnosed with cancer, I was eighteen years old. Guys, I didn’t have a clue. I had just finished my very first semester of college. I was free as a bird. I was off having a grand ol’ time in Hawaii, but something just wasn’t right. I couldn’t catch my breath doing the simplest of things and I was just so tired all the time. It was more than altitude and jet-lag. SOMETHING was wrong.

Dr. W

I’ll spare you the story of how I was finally diagnosed, but I want to tell you briefly about one guy. We’ll call him Dr. W. There are sometimes medical professionals you will run across and you won’t jive. I was sick. Really sick. He told me I needed a psychiatrist and it was all in my head. Yep. And my chest and neck and lymphatic system, too. I tell you about him because I don’t want you to give up on the good people out there. The great doctors and nurses who allow themselves to care. Luckily, second time was the charm for me and I got Dr. T and Cindy.

Dr. T

I met Dr. T, my oncologist, and immediately I knew we were a match. I was his youngest patient and he called me pussycat. Somehow, around him I wasn’t scared. We worked together, as a team, and on Valentine’s Day he would introduce me to Cindy. She was my chemo nurse and someone whom I still love fiercely ‘til this very day. That was 1995. The impact she had on my life didn’t fade. In fact, as I get older and understand her selflessness even better, it grows in spades.


Cindy was jovial and I loved her laugh. She made me pee a lot so I would flush the chemo out of my kidneys, even though I hated getting up so much. She knew how to administer all my drugs in the right order so I wouldn’t get as sick afterward and even though it stunk to sit an extra hour in the chair, she dripped certain meds slowly so the impact on my lungs wouldn’t be so hard. Her presence made it all easier. I loved listening to the latest stories about the manatees who lived in the canal behind her house.  To describe Cindy as my earth-angel is an understatement.

The Difference

There are a lot of them out there; those people giving and making a difference. My friends who painted my bald head red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. My mom who made me drink carrot juice. My dad who sat in the chair next to me the first time the doctor told me I had cancer. People I’ve never met who gave their time and money for research so I’d be here today  – I couldn’t have gotten through it without them. Now we all have a chance to thank the givers and the doers.

Create the Good 25 Days 25 Ways to Care

undefinedI am so excited to share Create the Good 25 Days 25 Ways to Care. Check out this video or visit the website here and nominate your candidate. For 25 days, there will be random drawings for gift cards. Remember they go to the nominee – not the person submitting the video! Share your creations via Facebook and Twitter and your nominee will gain more entries into the drawings. Create the Good judges will review all of the videos and the nominee selected will win $2,500 to donate toward the charity of their choice. I love it!

Here are the Contest Rules.

So tell me, who has inspired you and who would you nominate? Guys, I wrote this post today and it is amazing how memories from over twenty years ago can bring tears to our eyes. If you do one thing in your life, give back in a way that when they look back on their time with you, it makes someone cry happy tears like I did today.

All the love,


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  • Jeanette

    This is an awesome campaign! I’m so glad that people are willing to help more than they ever did in the past. Stuff like this will hopefully bring her side closer together because right now we could use that. People that are willing to help others are a wonderful breed and I hope it rubs off on everybody.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    I love this idea! There is too much negativity in the world! I think we should all try to improve anothers live on a daily basis! A smile, a wave or a friendly gesture does wonders!

  • Eloise

    You’re right! the medical staff can make a world of difference when it comes to recovering and going through hard times. I had a big health scare as well, and I had my favorites who brightened up my days and nights in the hospital. A good support team (medical staff, friends, and of course family) is a life saver! happy to hear you had positive people surrounding you during your rough time : )
    stay strong and stay healthy!
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  • Kathy

    I think this is a wonderful campaign. I think this is so important. We need a lot more good in this world!

  • Raquel Serrano

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with your doctors and chemo nurse. I’ve met plenty of Dr. W’s before… I’m glad you eventually connected with people who cared and took you seriously 🙂

  • Nancy L.

    I’m so glad that you found a doctor (team) to work with you and help you through a difficult time.
    I really love this campaign. It’s nice to sit down and realize how many people care about us. You are blessed with terrific friends and family.

  • Amanda

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I know first hand how important it is to have a cancer fighting team that you believe in. This campaign is perfect and exactly what our country needs right now–a positive light!

  • Lynndee

    Love this campaign and it reminds me of the time when my husband had a heart attack. It was difficult, but the support that we got made a huge difference.

  • Angela Harris

    Thank you for sharing 25 days 25 ways to care. It’s people like you who help make this world a better place.

  • Farrah less G.

    Your words are very uplifting it makes me appreciate and love life more. People like you with a good heart and soul deserves to live longer. May you continue to inspire people and be a God followers.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is an awesome post and an amazing campaign. I would nominate my niece but she is no longer here with us and my sister. Cami was a 19 yr old who would help anyone in anyway she could when they needed it even if they did her wrong. Her belief was to give second chances to everyone and to help other when ever you had the help to give. My mother had a massive heart attack last year and Cami was there every day with us for three months at the hospital. My mother had to have someone in the room with her at all times 24/7 or she would be restrained. She would offer food or any assistance for anyone that was at the hospital when she was there. I was so proud to see how much she cared about others that were complete strangers even. Cami learned to be like this from her mother. My sister who is the same way her daughter had been to others. Thanks for sharing a great campaign. I love how you help others and your belief that giving is what is more rewarding than receiving.

  • Gabriel

    I thought being a teenage parent was bad, I can’t even wrap my head around being a teen aged cancer patient. Your story can be an inspiration to all.