Blog Income Report July 2016

Blog Income Report July 2016

Blog Income Report July 2016

The months are flying by. I can’t believe it’s the second week of August already. In July I tried to slow down a bit in terms of blogging, yet I still felt overwhelmed. It was like I couldn’t keep my head above water. As you’ll see, monetary income was less than June, though I did receive product of value in some cases. I was also happy to have an original piece published on BluntMoms. I am going to chalk up July to summer slump a bit. I just didn’t have the time I would have liked. Still, I’m happy with my Instagram growth and it wasn’t a bad month for a kind of blah effort. The truth is, sometimes I feel like I cannot keep up and after a lot of thought, there are some big personal changes coming, soon so stay tuned for that. Suffice it to say, I am really excited.

Blog Income Report July 2016

My Analytics

Blog Income Report July 2016
I would have liked to see this number about 5,000 higher, but you get what you put in as far as effort goes. Overall, for how busy I was and how little attention the blog got, it isn’t awful.

My social media stats:

Twitter: June 9,449 | July: 9,800 | 3.65% increase
Instagram: June 2,644| July: 3,268 |21.1% increase
Facebook: June: 2,540 |2,597 |2.2% increase
Pinterest: June 1,590 | July 1,817 |13.33% increase
Klout Score: 67|64 – -4.5% decrease
Overall increase: 7.5%

I am really pleased with the Instagram and Pinterest growth. Instagram I owe to InstaRevealed and joining comment pods. Their guides walk you through how to grow and all of the crazy algorithms going on these days.  They also have a free 30-day challenge. Facebook, I just want to give up on and have seriously considered closing up shop there. I think a lot of bloggers feel the same. Alas, it does help get word out about giveaways. Twitter is still my favorite, but I haven’t been on it as much as normal. Pinterest, check out my June Income Report for the small changes I made to grow my numbers. For Klout, I don’t know that anyone really uses it anymore. My LinkedIn became disconnected and that dropped the score. I am not going to reconnect it, so we’ll see if goes back up or stays there. Do you all use Klout for anything? I’ve only been asked by one brand what my Klout score is in the last year.

Gross Income: $2,689.88

Sponsored posts

  • Women Bloggers $100.00
  • IZEA $100.00 (affiliate link)
  • Tap Influence $420 + $200 in product = $620.00
  • Collective Bias $809 + computer valued at $349 = $1159.00
  • FTD USO Collection – product valued at $90.00 (sent flowers to my mom)

Passive Affiliate Income

Social Media Sharing:

  • TapInfluence: $620.00
  • Acorn: $250.00
  • SheKnows: $150.00
  • IZEA: $14.88 (affiliate link)
  • Find Your Influence: $15.00


  • InstaReveal $125.00
  • Facebook boost: $10.00
  • Photo editing: $5.00
  • Virtual Assistant: $38.16
  • Facebook contest: $20.00 Facebook contest
  • Twitter Party prize: $20.00
  • Blogging Concentrated: $20.00

Income less expenses: $2,444.72

  • 15.3% self-employment tax: $374.04
  • 7% State income tax: $26.18

Net income: $2,044.49

August Blogging Goals

The only goal I’m going to give myself this month is to just blog. I think I need to keep it simple while I’m making these changes in the background then really take off from there. It’s still summer and while I do have some more work travel coming up, I’d like to take it easy and relax without the pressure of deadlines. So that’s what I am going to do! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the Blog Income Report July 2016. What’s working for you? Or anything that hasn’t worked? Need help on something? Tell us in the comments!