Do I Still Use… Radiantly You?

Do I Still Use… Radiantly You Review 2016

When I first started blogging I reviewed a lot of products. It was my start in learning how to handle sponsored content, or in trying to learn. My reviews were honest, but some of the items were a, “Been there, done that” and some of the products, I have actually kept around. My husband and I joke around, “Remember that shaving soap?” or “Remember that sleeping mask?” OMG guys, there was some really silly stuff. But the good stuff? I’m glad I tried it. Radiantly You Review 2016

Radiantly You Review 2016

Over two years ago I reviewed Radiantly You (I seriously cannot believe it’s been more than two years). Full disclosure: My mom was selling it and I was “getting her off my back” by trying it. Mom was right and I fell in love with the fact that they used natural ingredients. They also met my criteria: USA-based with a clear social responsibility. Well, Melissa the owner and founder of Radiantly You reached out to me a handful of months ago. She asked if I’d be willing to try their newer facial care products and updated home cleaning products. She also VERY generously offered to donate 100 lip balms to K’s Daddy/Daughter Dance for the goody bags.Radiantly You Review 2016

I totally took her up on the offer. First, I had already been using the products. I wasn’t kidding two years ago when I wrote that I was really happy with them! A few other things:

  • I hit the big 4-0 and let me be honest. While I intend to age gracefully, hey…no harm in fighting it a little, right? 😉
  • Next, as a three time cancer survivor I am very careful about what skincare products I use. Chemicals? Nope. They’re certified organic and don’t test on animals.
  • Same goes for household cleaners. I’m not a huge bath person, but those times I do soak, I don’t want soak in a tub that was cleaned using a bunch of chemicals which WILL get into the water.
  • I love that Melissa is a female business owner empowering other women and she gives back through 1% For the Planet.

In a gist, here are my thoughts:

Radiantly Timeless Skincare

As you can tell from the photo the labels are a bit faded. That’s because I use this everyday. The facial serum is my favorite. It’s thick and you can feel it moisturizing as you apply. A little bit goes a very long way! It’s not perfume-y (is that a word?), and has more of a natural, earthy smell that I can’t get enough of. The moisturizer is more gel like and at first I was thinking, “This doesn’t feel like moisturizer,” but it absorbs right in.

Radiantly You Lip Balms

All of the lip balms don’t feel sticky or thick. They’re light and still protect from the sun or chapping in the winter. There are several flavors like mint chocolate chip and orange vanilla. The girls at the daddy daughter dance loved them (so do I).

Radiantly You Cleaning Products

Loving the name: Tub-Scrub – it also smells good; like citrus. You add a little water and make into a paste then let it sit for a while and scrub. I’m telling you, I don’t know how natural products can clean so thoroughly, but we have a large walk-in shower and the Tub-Scrub keeps it look good! The All Natural Counter Spray Concentrate lasts a long time and cuts through grease easily in the kitchen, most especially.

Giving it a try…

If you’re in doubt, try it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You can take a look at all of their products here. If you make a purchase from my mom’s link this will result in the further spoiling of her grandchildren. In all seriousness, for those of you that get the products come back and let me know what you think. Melissa and I would both love your feedback!