Beat the Heat with these Two Lemonade Sorbet Recipes

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It’s summer here in the south and it is scorching! With temperatures tipping 105° on the thermostat we’re all about finding ways to keep cool around here, and sometimes you just want to do it from the inside out. In the spirit of simply being a family we’ve been spending some time together in the kitchen. This summer we’ve really gotten into making sorbets and have had some fun getting creative with our flavors. We keep Simply Lemonade® in the fridge and we also love ourselves some tea. The mint in our front yard smells mighty fine, too so our gears got to spinning… Lemonade Sorbet Recipes for the win!

Lemonade Sorbet Recipes

Simply Lemonade®

Now, you all know I am really picky about what we drink. Like really picky, so when we came up with the idea to create sorbets made with lemonade, it was a no-brainer. I reached for Simply Lemonade®. We already love it for having such a fresh-squeezed taste. You have a bottle of Simply Lemonade® and you’re all good. Squeezing lemons ‘til your hands hurt? Fuggedaboutit. Of course, it also makes me happy that it only has a few simple ingredients that not only all of us can easily pronounce; we can read the list in seconds: pure filtered water, cane sugar, lemon juice and natural flavors. I love that it is NOT from concentrate and as for added preservatives, colors or artificial flavors? Nope. You won’t find those in Simply Lemonade®.

Lemonade Sorbet Recipes

So let’s get to making some lemonade sorbet recipes!  We have two super easy options for you to try. First, go ahead and get thee to Sam’s Club. All summer long Simply Lemonade® is a deal at $3.58 for a double pack!

Lemonade Sorbet Recipes

Here’s what else you’ll need:
Lemonade Sorbet Recipes

Arnold Palmer Simply Lemonade® Sorbet

3-4 teaspoons of high quality loose-leaf tea. I use green creme of earl grey because I love the lemon with the creamy vanilla flavor. Really any tea will work.
2 cups Simply Lemonade®
12 ounces water
Two teaspoons tapioca (or cornstarch)
Raw honey


  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Put loose-leaf tea in a teamaker and let steep for about ten minutes – you’ll want the tea strong enough to hold its own with the lemonade
    Lemonade Sorbet Recipes
    4. Add two teaspoons of tapioca (or cornstarch) to the hot tea. Whisk until dissolved. This will help thicken your sorbet:Lemonade Sorbet Recipes
    6. Place tea and Simply Lemonade® into a glass dish or loaf pan, place in freezer for two hours. It will darken a bit from the tea.
    Lemonade Sorbet Recipes
    7. Remove from freezer and process in food processor for about one minute. Add raw honey, to taste. If you prefer tart, no need to add any.
    8. Put back into loaf pan/glass dish
    9. Freeze overnight

Minty Simply Lemonade®Sorbet

6 mint leaves, finely chopped
Mint sprig for garnish (optional)
4 ounces of water
2 Cups Simply Lemonade®
Raw honey

Lemonade Sorbet Recipes1. Boil water and add tapioca (or cornstarch), whisking to dissolve. (Note: I realized I used 6 ounces instead of four ounces and my consistency did not come out like the tea sorbet – definitely be careful on the water measurements).
2. After you’ve chopped mint leaves, muddle them for about ten seconds in a glass bowl. This will release the mint oils so they can infuse with the Simply Lemonade®
3. Pour Simply Lemonade® into a loaf pan or glass dish
4. Add chopped mint leaves, stir
5. Slowly add boiled water/tapioca mixture, stir
6. Freeze for two hours
Lemonade Sorbet Recipes
7. Remove from freezer and process in food processor for one minute
8. Put back into loaf pan/glass dish
9. Freeze overnight

NOTE: Don’t skip the food processor step. This will ensure the crystallization smooths out. Otherwise, you’ll get a more slush-like consistency.

Remove, scoop, garnish and enjoy Simply Lemonade® with your friends and family in frozen form!

Lemonade Sorbet Recipes