Blog Income Report – June 2016

WOW did June FLY by! The year is more than halfway over and guys, between work and the blog I am slammed! My Blog Income Report June 2016 is now up. There were some hits and some misses, for sure. All in all, I think I’m on my way to growing in my own time.

blog income report june 2016

My Analytics

So, these numbers aren’t exactly accurate. In the beginning of the month my Analytics became disconnected. I have no idea how that happened, but it’s been fixed and hopefully in the next week or so everything will be back on track.

 blog income report june 2016

My social media stats:

Twitter: May 9,306 | June: 9,449 | Percent growth: 1.54%
Instagram:May 2,490 | June: 2,644 | Percent growth: 6.2%
Facebook: May 2,394 | June: 2,540 | Percent growth: 6.1%
Pinterest: May 1,454 | June: 1,590 |Percent growth: 9.4%
Klout Score: May 67 | June: 67

Overall: 3.7% increase. Didn’t quite hit that 10% goal LOL. I’m pretty happy with the Pinterest growth I’ve seen just by going back and updating images. This is making a big difference for me in a short amount of time.

Blog Income Report June 2016 – Lesson:

I haven’t been a very big Pinterest user. Twitter is my preferred choice of social media. I LOVE IT. I used Pinterest before I became a blogger and “pinned all the things,” but when it came to my own blog, I didn’t get it. I felt like everything I was seeing was for big-time DIYers and food bloggers. Thanks to Jessica at Jess Creatives, she gave me some feedback on my lack of Pinterest-friendly images. I went through and revamped a few of them on popular posts and I got traction on Pinterest! Check out her resources here. She’s the real deal. My average daily impressions went up 56.59% and my average daily viewers went up 53.61%. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

Blog Income Report June 2016:

Gross Income: $3,387.88

Sponsored posts

  • Collective Bias: $335
  • The Women Bloggers: $2,100
  • Military One Click: $100
  • TapInfluence: $250
  • IZEA: $75 (affiliate link)

Passive Affiliate Income

  • Share-A-Sale: $220 this is from one affiliate (affiliate link)

Social Media Sharing

  • She Knows: $150
  • IZEA: $157.88 (affiliate link)


  • Taxes: 15.3% self-employment tax $518.35 (OUCH)
  • Taxes: 7% state income tax: $237.15 (Arkansas- this will vary state to state)
  • Facebook Boosting: $34.00
  • Virtual Assistant: $27.60
  • IZEA membership fee: $1

Net Income: $2,569.78

A note – I also received a mattress from Tuft & Needle, one of my new affiliates. This does have to be declared on my taxes. I will ask my accountant what percent I will have to pay. In some states, there is no tax on receipt of free products. Arkansas is not one of those states.

July Blogging Goals

Moving forward I have lofty goals along with those that are a bit more obtainable in the short term:

  • I think I got a bit overzealous with the ten percent figure. I’ll aim for 5% social media growth given how busy July will be for me.
  • Find the right audience for the Tuft & Needle post I’ll be doing
  • Make the most of Blogger Bash NYC – learn, learn, learn!
  • Play with video a bit
  • Keep trying to grow to 100,000 followers and apply for Ad Thrift

Anything that worked for you in June? Please do share in the comments!