5 Easy Health Hacks

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5 easy health hacks

Guys, it is June. Seriously, I blinked my eyes and the year is almost halfway over (how did that happen??). The last couple of months have been non-stop and for those who may have missed it, somewhere in all the hustle and bustle I got the gift of turning 40! Of course, with all the go, go, go of life I still want to keep myself and the family doing what we can to live healthier. Sometimes less is more and little things do make a difference. Here are some ways we keep things on the healthier side around here.

5 Easy Health Hacks (that are actually really easy)

1. Use agave instead of sugar
5 Easy Health Hacks

Since moving to the south it seems I am a bit of an anomaly. I ask for UNsweet tea and people look at me funny. I am totally not kidding. The hubs and the girls are all about the sweet tea, but I am not all about the sugar so when I make tea for them I use agave instead. They cannot tell the difference and they don’t need to know the details like it’s vegan, gluten-free and has a lower glycemic index. It’s also 25% sweeter than sugar so you can use a lot less of it. They just know the tea tastes great and I’m happy knowing I’m not giving them processed sugar.

2. Go for the Greek Yogurt5 Easy Health Hacks

This is such an easy substitute! In recipes like Ranch and Caesar dressings, Greek yogurt is a great alternative to buttermilk. If you’re using sour cream in cake recipes you can also substitute Greek Yogurt.
It is higher in protein and vitamins like B-12 and it contains probiotics which support a healthy digestive tract (make sure the label states there are live, active cultures to reap the benefits).

3. Eat before you go to the grocery store5 Easy Health Hacks

“Buy all of the aisles!” That’s me when I don’t eat before I go to the grocery store. Make a list, munch on an apple and then go. You’re less likely to impulse shop and you’ll actually be more focused on getting in and out thanks to the catechins in the apple peel.

4. Don’t deprive yourself5 Easy Health Hacks

Everything in moderation! If you deprive yourself you’ll just resent healthy eating habits and, let’s be honest, we’re wired to rebel against that which we resent. Eat that cookie and don’t feel guilty about it. Sugar cookies with frosting are my favorite. One and done is my motto. I eat it while I drink a hot cup of tea and I feel full so I don’t want more.

5. Make your vitamin a daily habit5 Easy Health Hacks

If there is one thing I wasn’t good about, it was taking my daily vitamin. I know better than anyone taking care of my health is important so now I have gotten into a habit so I don’t forget. I drink tea every morning so I place my vitamins strategically next to my teapot so I see them first thing in the morning when I go into the kitchen. I also give myself some choices that don’t involve swallowing a horse pill. That’s where Centrum Vitamins come in…

Centrum Vitamins5 Easy Health Hacks

New at Walgreens, Centrum MultiGummies & Vitamints raspberry flavor are available in the Vitamins & Supplement aisle. The Gummies taste pretty darn good (kind of like a gummy bear) and if you’re feeling a little minty just take two Vitamints and you’re set for the day. My favorite part? By taking care of myself I’m helping others…

Vitamin Angels

Get Vitamins Here. Change Lives Everywhere.
5 Easy Health Hacks

How cool is that? With every vitamin purchase Walgreens will give back to Vitamin Angels, an organization dedicated to reducing global malnutrition. As you all know, giving back is of utmost importance to me. This is one cause I absolutely love. Living healthier and helping others – such a win all around.

Hope you’ve found these 5 Easy Health Hacks helpful! What are yours? Don’t keep them to yourself 😉 . Share with us in the comments!

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  • Amy Desrosiers

    These are great tips! I find when I deprive myself my lifestyle changes backfire! #client

    • Heather

      Well that’s why you use Agave. It is 25% sweeter than sugar and you use less! 🙂 Get those Vitamins. Put em by your sweet tea haha 😉

  • Dee

    I love the fact that you mentioned not to deprive of yourself. To often when people go on diets they just stop eating the things they love. I believe that there is no problem eating what you love, you just got to eat it in moderation. Eating a cookie here and there won’t kill you diet and it will keep you for over craving it and binging out on it.

  • Jenn

    These are great tips. I am guilty of grocery shopping on an epty stomach and it never ends well. I always bring home way too much, and too much unhealthy food because of it.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    These are great tips! #3 is a huge one! When I go to the story hungry I end up with all sorts of unhealthy things in my cart! Everything looks good when you’re starving. I try to take vitamins regularly, but I always seem to fall out of routine and forget to take them daily.
    Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking recently posted…Burgers with DadMy Profile

    • Heather

      I have been bad about it, too. My husband has to get after me about it, but since I put them smack dab in front of the tea kettle LOL I’ve been better. Not perfect, but better. Yep…grocery stores make a lot of money off of hungry people LOL!

  • Tee

    These types are all good. I definitely agree with eating before hitting the grocery store. We overbuy whenever we are hungry while shopping. Plus we tend to buy more snacks and things that aren’t particularly healthy.
    Tee recently posted…Our Inground Pool PreviewMy Profile

  • Pie Rivera

    I am so guilty with #3! I often go to the grocery with a rumbling tummy, usually happens when I am coming from work and the store is 15 minutes away from closing! … I love Centrum! It’s my own power booster every single day and gives me all the help I need particularly when I am taking back-to-back projects.

  • Bites for Foodies

    I think that #4 is the most important, and the most underrated! Too many people are busy counting calories or fat, and also depriving themselves of everything they enjoy eating. It’s all about moderation!
    Bites for Foodies recently posted…Sweet Potato GnocchiMy Profile

  • Michelle Cantu

    I love that you added don’t deprive yourself. I am a big believer in proportional eating. We love to indulge as long as it is small portions. My next step is remember to take my daily vitamin.

  • Farrah less

    Healthy body means long life, who doesn’t want to live longer? I read this line somewhere that says eat less and walk more. Your list above most of it we practice it at home, I know sweet is hard to give up but there is always a healthy alternative for this.

  • Anvita

    I always get greek yogurt. Prefer it to any other. I so agree that eating before going to the grocery store helps from picking the unnecessary food.