4th of July at My House

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4th of July décor is a big deal around my house. Actually, 4th of July itself is a BIG deal. It’s my all-time favorite holiday. My wedding anniversary is even the day after. Since I was a kid who grew up on Air Force Bases it’s always served as a reminder of the freedom I celebrate daily. I’m a woman living in a place where sky’s the limit for me thanks to the men and women who took an oath to serve this country and all of the people in it. The house gets its touches of red, white and blue and I reminisce over the many memories that have touched my life through the years. Come on in and let me tell you about them…4th of July decor

4th of July Décor – making it ours

When you arrive to my home, the fireplace is one of the first things you see. It’s a focal point. You’d probably sit near it just like I did the day we officially moved into our house (July 3rd!). Actually, I sat right where my grandmother’s afghan sits now:

4th of July Decor

She was one of the “Rosie the Riveters” and worked on B29’s in another life. Boy did she love to knit! That day I shed a few tears…of fear, of relief and of happiness. The hubs’ military career had come to a close. If you followed us to Arkansas from San Diego, you may remember I had a few tears before, during and after the move. That’s the reality of military life. Sometimes it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster. You’ve likely seen the beautiful reunions in your Facebook newsfeeds or on YouTube. There are plenty of happy tears and if you’re lucky they always trump the ones caused by deployments and saying farewell to friends when it’s time to move.

4th of July DecorWhen I try to count, I think there were fourteen schools I attended from Kindergarten through High School. That was a whole lot of moving, and a whole lot of goodbyes. Through the years friends married men in the military and there were nights where I’d sit and listen, offering hugs and wine until the tears stopped. When your husband goes to a combat zone for a year and you can’t know anything more than that, it takes a lot of strength and some really good cries to get through it.

4th of July Décor – The reminders

You also keep reminders nearby. Hubs’ father also served in the Navy. He passed long before I could have ever had the chance to meet him. Sometimes I look at his picture and just whisper, “Thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for creating the man that is my husband…thank you.” Fourth of July doesn’t seem complete without his and my dad’s faded photos upon our mantel. We put ourselves in the center, kind of like they’re looking out for us.

4th of July decor

I think they’d approve. I’m pretty sure Wild Bill looked out for him while hubs was on that Destroyer. There were some close calls.

4th of July Décor – A tablescape 

4th of July decor

Our family dinners are usually spent watching the deer that live on our land eat at the same time we do. They’re a relaxed, fun time to catch up on the day and joke around. Stuffy and formal is so not us. We went simple. I’m obsessed with napkin folding and went with a firecracker napkin fold. I used a printable from Catch My Party. For the centerpiece, as a reminder of where we’ve been and the symbol of freedom and liberty I used flags we’ve had for years. Liberty.Freedom. I’ve been lucky enough to experience them in such a hands-on way because I have so many loved ones of which I’m proud for their service to our country.

4th of July decor

4th of July Décor and Kleenex® Brand

So why the Kleenex® Facial Tissue products in my photos? Guys, when I look back on forty years of the military being part of my life there is a common factor. It is Kleenex® Brand. Yep. Tissues –  Kleenex® Facial Tissues. I’ve been the recipient of many of them in my time and I’ve handed out more than I could begin to count. I carry them in my purse, backpack and car. “Do you need a Kleenex®?” Who hasn’t been asked this?

Now Kleenex® Brand Facial Tissue is after my own heart.  They are recognizing our 23 million veterans and the over 2 million men and women serving on active duty and in the reserves through their Honoring our Heroes program. If you have a military hero in your life, the Kroger family of stores will be holding thirteen giveaways with prizes valued up to $100. You can share your “Hero Story” with the hashtag #HonoringOurHeroes on social media to enter.

You can also buy one Kleenex® Facial Tissue 4-pack bundle from your local Kroger and other Kroger stores and Kleenex® Brand will donate one pocket pack to the USO. You can look for a location near you by clicking right here
4th of July decor

Confession: I may have used a couple of those tissues writing this post. This 4th of July as I celebrate with my husband safely nearby, I will remember those who aren’t so lucky. Please take a minute to rememember them, too. As I listen to the National Anthem and watch the fireworks, you can bet the tears will well. And you can bet I’ll have my Kleenex® Facial Tissues nearby.

A safe and Happy 4th of July to you and yours,


4th of July decor