It’s International Hummus Day!

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International Hummus Day

Picture it. 1994. I’m a senior in high school headed over to my friend JB’s house to study Trig. Totally could have been Calculus; one of those math classes that makes you want a study partner. I LOVED going to JB’s house. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why. First, he was and is a good friend ’til this day. Second, his mom would have this magical wonder out on the kitchen bar when we arrived; the magical wonder of hummus. And today, International Hummus Day, I toast to Mrs. B and the hummus that hooked me for life! I had no idea how she made it, I just knew those warm pita bread triangles with that smooth spread were delish. And they made studying polynomials and  Pythagoras (he would have liked hummus, too) a bit more inviting.

Come to think of it, up until a few weeks ago, I still had no idea how to make hummus. Then I heard about about Bush’s Hummus Made Easy. Let’s repeat that last part: Hummus.Made.Easy. I was thinking, “Right. Easy. How can that be?” So I figured today is the perfect time to put it to the test being it’s International Hummus Day and all.  I took myself to the Walmart beans aisle and picked up a few packets of Hummus Made Easy along with a couple of cans of Bush’s Garbanzo Beans and a can of their Black Beans and headed to my kitchen.
International Hummus Day

Hummus Made Easy Makes International Hummus Day EASY, too!

So, want the how-to and the ingredients list? Here we go…

International Hummus DayYou will need:

    • A food processor or blender (and electricity will help you out here 😉 )
    • Can opener
    • Can of Bush’s Garbanzo Beans (or Bush’s Black beans if you make the black bean hummus)
    • Packet of Hummus Made Easy – I did Red Roasted Pepper here

That’s it. You’ve gotten everything you need.

Now here are your step-by-step instructions:

1. Open the can 2. Rinse the beans 3. Pour them into the food processor. 4. Open the Hummus Made Easy packet 5. Pour the contents into the food processor. 6. Blend for about 20-30 seconds and you’re finished. 7. Oh – make sure the food processor is plugged in and, of course, make sure you have the lid on right before you blend! It shouldn’t take you longer than a minute from start to finish.

International Hummus Day
When it’s done it will look like this creamy deliciousness. I spoon it into a serving dish but hey, if you want to eat it straight from the food processor work bowl I won’t judge!International Hummus Day

Since it’s International Hummus Day and all, I thought it would be appropriate to try all three of Bush’s Hummus Made Easy flavors. Isn’t that black bean hummus just beautiful?

International Hummus DayI’d be remiss if I didn’t add that Bush’s Hummus Made Easy has NO preservatives. Make it fancy, keep it casual – sky’s the limit. And you won’t break the bank, either. I spent just a few dollars. That makes it perfect for last minute guests and planned gatherings.

International Hummus Day

Okay, last but certainly not least – does it pass the taste test?

In a word: ABSOLUTELY.

“Where can I learn more,” you wonder? Check out Bush’s Hummus Made Easy here – they have a lot of recipes on the site, too.

International Hummus Day

Happy International Hummus Day, everyone! Let me know how YOU’ll celebrate and which Bush’s Hummus Made Easy flavor you’d try first.