EcoScraps® Bring a Little Hollywood to the Bentonville Film Festival

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As a Hispanic woman if there is a topic that has been front and center for me since moving to the south it’s diversity, so when I heard that a little bit of Hollywood was coming to Northwest Arkansas to celebrate women and diversity in film, I was excited. Of course, I wanted to find out more. I mean, Arkansas and Hollywood don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but last year the Bentonville Film Festival changed all that with the goal of making a positive and proactive impact on filmmaking by giving artists the chance to share work that more accurately represents moviegoers. Most are women and audiences are certainly growing more diverse. Now in its second year, the Bentonville Film Festival is making sure women and diverse filmmakers continue getting their stories in front of audiences.  And I think that’s awesome. You know what else is awesome? The people and companies that help make it happen. Join me, if you will…EcoScraps®

Over the weekend, we were at one of our favorite places in Bentonville and we saw a team putting together what I’d describe as a, “Oooh I really want one of those” floral wall. I am just kind of obsessed with gardening and flowers since we moved to Arkansas (it was a little hard to do a whole lot on a balcony of a downtown highrise in Southern California). Confession: Hubs has the green thumb, but I am there to “oversee” when he does garden projects haha. I digress. The event planner in me was curious and had to know what it was. That’s when I met some of the people from Scotts® and the team explained they were building a Step and Repeat using EcoScraps®. You’ve seen all the Hollywood stars in front of them having countless photos taken at music and movie awards. In my fifteen year career as an events professional, this is the greenest, most original step and repeat I’ve ever encountered and I wanted to see it finished!

The Bentonville Film Festival

Lucky me, I was invited to come back to check things out and I  got to meet more of the Scotts® team and even use EcoScraps® myself! The Bentonville Film Festival couldn’t have asked for better weather. The hubs and I parked and with the sun shining upon us, took a leisurely stroll to the Vendor Village where there were games set up, food and vendors celebrating the Bentonville Film Festival.

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Walking in we were greeted by.the.coolest.dump truck – and people – explaining what EcoScraps® is and how it came to be. I even got to play with it a bit and make my own creation! Ironically, the crew was from Los Angeles and enjoying their time in Bentonville, mentioning how different it is (diversity)! They were passionate and knowledgeable about EcoScraps® and I got to make a creation all my own. I’ll have dill very soon 🙂 .

Okay, so what are EcoScraps®?


The story behind this is super cool. Two college kids were chowing down at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Definitely a place where there is going to be a lot of food scraps left over. In other words, a lot of waste. The light bulb went off and they realized that if they could figure out a way to turn food scraps into gardening products people could focus on growing their gardens instead of the size of our landfills. After some time and research the organic, nutrient rich EcoScraps® was born. Whether it’s baked bread, meat from your deli sandwich or the veggies hiding under your kids’ napkins (or under your napkin), EcoScraps® has recycled 60 million pounds of food waste to make our air cleaner, our planet greener and gardening products sustainable. I especially want to mention this because I see how it affects the farmers here in Arkansas; they work with FeedAmerica, farmers, food banks and local schools to recycle consumable food. So awesome.

He really wanted to learn about EcoScraps®, too!

 The Bentonville Film Festival and EcoScraps®

Coming from a city with a population bigger than the entire size of the state in which I now live, there are a lot of stereotypes you hear. Some might be a little true (you really do get stuck behind tractors here!) and some don’t quite match up with the real picture (no pun intended). The Bentonville Film Festival certainly goes to show that glamour can be found anywhere – even here in Arkansas. I think it’s pretty cool that Scotts® didn’t just talk about what the Festival means, they used their product to create something that beautifully displays the celebration of women and diversity in Bentonville this week, don’t you?

You can learn more by visiting Scotts® and EcoScraps®. Now do tell, if sky’s the limit, what would you grow with EcoScraps®?