Welcome to Country Life City Wife!

Welcome Country Life City Wife

Remember this little ditty…?

Well, it’s taken months longer than I had originally anticipated…but FINALLY!!! Country Life, City Wife is up and running. It’s still not quite done and you will see a few more changes coming over the next couple of weeks. Some things will stay the same: great giveaways (and you know I have one up my sleeve, hint: check back tomorrow), family life and travel will still be a big part of the blog. There will be some new things, too. It’s time to show you where I live and I hope it will be as much fun for you as it is for us as we make the house into our home. I think it’s important to highlight how my eyes have opened since moving to a rural area;  navigating things like searching for night crawlers-that was a new one- or pulling weeds and just how hard it really is can amuse all of us (in my defense, there weren’t really a lot of places to pull weeds from the concrete in downtown San Diego). Along with the more serious side of the differences that can bring us together or divide us, moving has given me a new perspective on so much; a perspective I look forward to discussing and sharing.

Of course, there are days it will look like rainbows and unicorns stuffed into perfect packaging and you’ll ask, “Is this chick for real?” There are days it’ll look like a mangled wreck, too. That’s real life and if I am lucky, commiseration and inspiration will be a two-way street along the way.

When we decided to move to Arkansas, I knew Life of a Traveling Navy Wife had served its purpose  – my first creation; my first blog. It was both fun and frustrating learning the ropes of blogging. I’m still learning, really (aren’t we all?). I hope to pass some lessons along to those of you getting started out there. The best parts have been meeting other bloggers and connecting with readers. When you start something as a hobby and a few people read along, you don’t necessarily know where it may go or that at some point in time tens of thousands of people will follow. Your voice is a part of others’ lives. That’s impactful and it’s really meaningful. Thank you for that.

I also have to thank everyone behind the scenes for their support and guidance: Brad from syinc, my Mil-Blogging Buddy group and of course my husband who weighed in on everything from fonts to logos. There were also those of you on Facebook weighing in on names and the look and feel of the blog. Thanks for the honest feedback and encouragement. And boy you were honest!

For those of you who have followed me over, a sincere thank you. All of you new readers, I welcome you and hope you’ll stick around. And all you lurkers out there, don’t be shy!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here. WELCOME TO COUNTRY LIFE CITY WIFE!!!

See you tomorrow!Country Life City Wife