Update: Country Life City Wife

rebranding country life city wife

Hi, everyone. It’s been awhile – I know!

If you missed it on the Facebook page, I just wanted to let you know things on the blog will be quiet for a little while. Life of a Traveling Navy Wife has been so good to me, to us. It introduced me to this crazy awesome, stressful, enlightening world of blogging and for that I am forever grateful. Now here I am two and a half years later and life has changed. It’s evolved, if you will. And now it’s time for the blog to evolve, too. You can guess what’s next: I’m rebranding!

Stay tuned, because Country Life, City Wife is coming to a screen near you! But don’t think we’re leaving the Navy behind entirely. It will forever be part of our lives and will always hold a special place in my heart. If not for the Navy, I would have never met the hubs and his beautiful girls. I wouldn’t have opened my mind to loving in ways I never knew possible and I wouldn’t be on this adventure as a wife and a step/bonus mom. But it’s time. Time to move forward and time to continue to grow. And we’ll keep doing that with the new blog. I do hope you’ll stay for the ride! I will keep you posted and when the change happens, you’ll know.

Love to all,