Sweat is not a Threat with Tide Pods!

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Tide Pods

When I was asked if I wanted to give my take on Tide Pods, it was a no-brainer. I have used them for years and I love them. Of course I cannot tell you, my dear readers, a lie. I have gone astray and, yes, tried other brands… Then I went right back to my Tide Pods. Why? Because they work. Tide is a long-trusted brand and they’re the best. Especially when you have a hubs who wears a military uniform, but more on that in a minute. When it comes to laundry, I’m usually doing it in-between trips. I want fast and I want EASY! Not sure about you, but I personally do not like measuring liquid detergent. Messy cap, anyone? And I bet I’m not the only one who’s spilled a time or two. Ah the laundry detergent overflow. Even if I rinsed the cap as the washing machine filled with water, it wasn’t always cleaned thoroughly enough. For those who aren’t so graceful (raising my hand) with the pours, Tide Pods make it easy. They’re compact and fool-proof. Thanks to how innovative these little pods are, they make laundry-time a snap. They’re pre-measured, formulated to completely dissolve in cold water and they fight stink and stains! You pop one or two (if you have an extra large load) into the washing machine before you load your clothes and voilà. You’re good to go. And forget about dry detergents. They clump and won’t dissolve in some machines. Whether you have a top load, front load, high-efficiency (can’t wait to get mine when we move!) or older machine, Tide Pods have you covered.

I didn’t mention this, but after spending hours AND hours on a plane, sometimes my clothes aren’t exactly so fresh smelling either. I get home and the hubs and I want to spend time together  – not on washing clothes. He’ll take over, toss in a Tide Pod and we’re out enjoying our day. Yes my husband does laundry, too. I think the ease of the Tide Pods have something to do with that, haha.

So just a few notes… remember your hands should always be completely dry when you handle the Tide Pods. Put them in the washing machine FIRSTthen load your clothes (I know! I used to do it the opposite way myself) and ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS, store these up high in a safe spot – away from kids and pets!

As we make our way to Arkansas next week, you can bet with bonus kids I’ll be doing even more laundry! As I’m adjusting to life in a new space and a new place, I am really, really grateful my Tide Pods will be there to make it a bit easier. Be sure to check out Tide.com for more information and follow along for their latest and greatest news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

Tide Pods
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