An Interview with the Hubs

Interview with my husband
I have seen a handful of other bloggers post interviews with their husbands and I thought it seemed like it could be pretty fun to do an interview with my husband. I found this set of questions on Pinterest and added a few of my own. So pull up a screen. You are in for a laugh or two… my Q&A with the hubs:

What’s the name of my blog?
He laughed as though I wasn’t serious when I asked him this question before replying, “Life of a Traveling Navy Wife.”

What do I typically write about?
A lot of health stuff. And a lot of traveling stuff. Do You Want More? My reply, “Sure.” Him: And the move and being a stepmother.

What’s a popular fashion item for women right now?
*Laughing*…highrise shorts. (Note: Neither of us are a fan).

Highrise shorts
A trend of which we aren’t fans

Why do women go to the bathroom together?
Ummm. I don’t know. To chat. Safety in numbers. Swap dirt. (Then he laughed).

What do you know about Pinterest?
If you like it hit the heart button. If you want to save it to your Pinterest, hit the Save it to My Pinterest. That’s about all I got.

If you could have any job what would it be?
*Long pause.* The owner of a productive gold mine. *Laughing…*I’d enjoy getting up and going to to see it everyday.

What about me (if I could have any job what would it be)?
President of the United States. That way you could fix some shit. (LMAO)

Like what kind of shit?
I am just thinking of how extreme it could be. No more Republicans, Democrats or Independents. It would just be “people”.

What’s the best place to shop for women?
Online. You can travel the world in the comfort of your living room chair instead of, “Hold my purse. I’ll be right back.” No feeling awkward in a woman’s store, alone, possessing only a purse.

What does YOLO stand for?
You only live once.

What do I do when I am home alone?
He pretended to take a photo of me doing what I am doing now – blogging.

What do you do when you’re home alone?
Well, it depends. Most times I sit here and hold down this chair. (I don’t really know what that means because he is a busy-body always doing things around here).

What is my favorite activity?
Blogging (he said this because he felt like he couldn’t say ‘sex’). Also, hiking and marathons, though it’s been awhile they were your favorite things. (Ummm is that a hint)?

What’s my favorite accessory?
Your purse – that’s the one I see rotate the most. It’s not heels, because those aren’t accessories. Otherwise, I’d say heels.

What celebrity would you let me have a free pass with?
He laughs. I don’t remember. That one woman you have a girl crush on… (Kelly Monaco).

What celebrity would you want me to give you a free pass on?
I don’t know. (Good answer)!

What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
Ummm… I don’t know. $75. (Dang, I need to up my game)!

What’s an acceptable amount to spend on a dress?

What is your favorite non-physical trait about me?
You’re intelligent.

What is your favorite physical trait about me?
Mmmmm….hmmmm…just one? He ponders… and asks again, “Just one?”  Ummm…Hmm… I think you have a pretty smile.

What is my favorite TV show?
He snorted in laughter. TV show or movie? General Hospital. (Secret’s out…It is my guilty pleasure).

General Hospital logo
My guilty pleasure

What is your favorite TV show?

Who is a current celebrity “it” couple?
Kanye and ummm…whatever her name is.

What is your favorite part about being married to me?
Actually having a companion I trust and believe in. And you’re my breast friend. (Yes, he said “breast”, folks). You’re up for anything and you’re not close-minded. You see the world from a different view.

What is the worst part of being married to me?
He totally laughed. He said, “I’m not sure there is a worst part.”

Where do you see us in ten years?
I have to say I see you doing only blogging – when you want to. And I see me, hopefully, running the business from afar (while we’re traveling) instead of right there, boots on the ground (referring to Arkansas). I foresee us maybe having a getaway in the Keys. Or South America. That would be okay, too.

Anything else you’d like to say?
In reference to what? I reply, “You know, this interview.” What do I win?

Pass these onto your husband/significant other and come back to share!

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Keys Creek Lavender Farm Wedding