Let’s Talk Wine of the Month Club

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Wine of the Month Club

Last year, the hubs and I spent my birthday in beautiful Sonoma. I love it there. The people, the area, the food and, of course, THE WINE – truly, it’s like my version of a little slice of heaven on earth and I never get tired of returning.

After we got back, I attended an event where people from all over the world were encouraged to bring a bottle of wine from their respective area. We conducted a friendly tasting competition to see which wine would reign supreme over all others.  The bottle I brought back from Sonoma was the resounding winner. My humble wine won out over Napa, Chilean, Australian and, yes, even French wines. True story! Now don’t get me wrong. I love wines from EVERYWHERE, but it was definitely fun to triumph that night. While I would love to spend a gazillion dollars on a cottage in the Sonoma wine country, grow grapes of my own and sip from my glass overlooking vineyards that melt into the skyline, with my black thumb and need to travel that is so not happenin’. Oh and the small detail I don’t have a gazillion dollars… But I love my wine and I love to share the gift of the grape with others and that is why I LOVE Wine of the Month Club!

Newbie or know-it-all, WOTMC has something for everyone. I get it at my house and I am a customer myself. In fact, I give memberships as thank-you’s to vendors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and my team also gives them as corporate gifts. Believe me when I tell you that from a professional perspective this is a TRUE winner. In fact, that’s an understatement. Imagine for a year, every month, you can customize a note to your customer and they’re thinking of you and what an awesome gift you’ve bestowed upon them.  They will rave every single time. Of course, this is great for ANY occasion: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays or even just because.

Now let’s talk about Paul, owner of WOTMC. This man works hard. Despite traveling like crazy, he has taken the time for my calls and truly cares about making sure each order is perfect. This is a family business. As second generation owner Paul tastes over 400 wines a month (lucky guy!) and only 1% make into the WOTMC!

So here’s how it works: every month your gift recipient will get two vintages of wine (full 750ml bottles). The standard shipment includes one red wine and one white wine. Of course you can choose red only or white only. You can also choose for shipments to arrive monthly, every other month or quarterly. It arrives in a beautiful box, with a binder to keep track of your wines and each month you receive in insert to add to the binder. I love having these delivered to my door and when I get home from travels it’s great to open a bottle and relax. There are a lot of options to fit all kinds of budgets, in fact you’ll spend more at the grocery store than on some of these memberships, and as I mentioned earlier whether you’re giving to a novice or an expert these are really unique wines sure to please any palate! Oh- and you will get wines from everywhere, too – not just Sonoma. 😉

Wine is poetry in a bottle… so true. Last year on my birthday trip.

Check them out by clicking here. I am sure you’ll love WOTMC as much as I do. Now before you go, remember every so often I give away a WOTMC membership on the blog (in fact click here before 11:59pm, 5/20/15 to win). So please do tell – what is your favorite wine?

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