5 Chick Flicks I Love

Top 5 Chick Flicks

Chick flicks anyone?

When it comes to movie genres I have pretty eclectic tastes. I love horror movies, subtitled foreign films and documentaries that really make me think. While I’ve never been too big on romance and chick flicks, as women we can definitely commiserate with our on-screen counterparts whether we’re laughing along, cheering for or even crying with them. I know you know what I mean /wink. So here are five of my favorites:


Girls Just Want to Have FunGirls Just Want to Have Fun

Way before Sarah Jessica Parker started sexing in the city, Helen Hunt won her first Emmy and Shannen Doherty was a twin in that ever-so-famous zip code, there was Girls Just Want to Have a Fun.  Perhaps I commiserated with fellow military brat Janey, loved rooting for the underdog and saw into my future thinking Lee Montgomery looked realllly cute on that motorcycle. Whatever it was, I’m pretty sure that anyone will love dancing back to the 80’s with these characters!



He's Just Not That Into Youhe’s just not that into you

I really think every woman should see this movie. We’ve all been there – holding out hope and making excuses for a guy who doesn’t deserve it. Sometimes the object of our desire has an epiphany and sometimes we kick him to the curb, but it always WORKS OUT. A girl’s night in screening is a good way to hint to a friend who needs to tell the loser in her life to hit the road. And we have all been there, too – right?!



The Other WomanThe Other Woman

I watched this on the plane coming back from Europe and yeah, yeah-I shed a tear or two. I didn’t think I’d like this one given the premise of the story is based upon a husband cheating on his wife. Yet, it’s a great testament to the possibility of finding friendship in the unlikeliest of places. As women we often tear each other down, yet in this impossible situation these characters raised each other up. That’s something they get a thumbs up on from me!



Legally BlondeLegally Blonde 

You know all those movies where the girl is an ugly duckling, gets a makeover and suddenly she’s this smoking hot lass that all the guys fawn over? This isn’t that movie. I love that Elle is already gorgeous and despite being judged by her looks (been there) she overcomes it, helps others, rocks what seem like insurmountable odds and does it all looking totally Vogue.


Zindagi Na Milegi DobaraZindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You Won’t Get Another Life)

Okay, okay. So I had to throw a somewhat foreign film in the mix. I saw this in the theatre while going through one of those, “You really need to dump his ass,” and “why haven’t you dumped it, what is wrong with you” relationships. This Hindi film had me laughing and crying. It touched me deeply and it’s become an all-time favorite of mine. It’s done in three languages (English, Hindi and Spanish), taking place in India and Spain with a little London thrown in- with the subtitles you won’t skip a beat. Trust me, find this! Scuba, skydiving, road tripping, friendship, singing, dancing, reflection…life…you will love this one! Oh and Hrithik Roshan – NOT bad to look at all!

So there you have it. My top five chick flicks. What are yours? Do tell!