Celebrating New Roads with Chevy – ROAD TRIP!

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If you followed along on social media, you saw (and heard!) the hubs and I having a BLAST on my birthday road trip. Finding New Roads with Chevy Salutes in the 2015 Chevy Volt was beyond fantastic! It was particularly timely to celebrate with Chevrolet during May, Military Appreciation Month, because our lives this summer have been about just that – finding new roads. I had the 18th birthday doctors said I wouldn’t live to see and the hubs’ last day in the military is TOMORROW. I wanted to commemorate such a meaningful week by checking off a bucket list item before we move to Arkansas next month, finally seeing the Grand Canyon up close and personal then revel in the music of my favorite band that just happened to be playing in none other than Las Vegas!

If you missed it or if you just want to relive the fun, hop on in the 2015 Chevy Volt with us (it’s roomy!) and let’s go on a ride…

We hit the road just before 6am. With coffee and tea in hands, off we headed to the Grand Canyon. There were a few stops so we could get some kicks on Route 66! Of course, we also got stuck in some traffic, but with the Chevy Volt, that’s not really an issue. It’s soooo great on mileage. In fact, we went almost 1200 miles and spent less than $110 in gas. 

Chevy SalutesWhen we got to the Grand Canyon, suffice it to say, I was beyond emotional. I have traveled my entire life and had never been there. Finally, it was time. You know how sometimes you can go to a place and when you’ve seen photos, it’s a let-down? Not the Grand Canyon. There are no photos that can do it justice. There really aren’t any words that can describe it either. It humbles you. I slowly approached and the tears just welled in my eyes. This moment, by doctor’s predictions, was not supposed to happen. But it did. AND.IT.WAS.PERFECT.
Chevy Salutes Grand Canyon

We spent hours walking the rim, talking and taking in the views before heading to dinner and turning in for the night. We were giddily exhausted, but the next day we figured, “What the heck,” and woke up at 4am for the sunrise tour.It was beyond worth it:

Grand CanyonWe thought we’d go back and nap, but instead we headed back to our cabin, changed clothes and braved the elements to hike INTO the Canyon. Let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. It actually started to sleet, but we got down and back up just in time!

Chevy Salutes

We headed into the lodge to warm up (coffee and tea were in order), had a great lunch and headed to the Geology Museum where we were in for a huge treat. A temperature inversion, something extremely rare in the Grand Canyon was before our very eyes! It was STUNNING:

Grand Canyon Temperature InversionIt also started to snow…and we figured that was a sign to keep warm and head to “town” for my birthday eve dinner. When we pulled into the parking lot I got so many compliments on being green driving the Chevy Volt; let me tell you they take being green up at the Grand Canyon VERY seriously!

Chevy SalutesWhen we got back it started to hit me my birthday was the next day and I was more excited than a kid in a candy shop. My eyes popped wide open at 6:00am and it was time to head to Las Vegas! We took one last look at the breathtaking Grand Canyon and off we headed jammin’ out to the XM Radio. We stopped for breakfast, which was really lunch at a very interesting place… Let’s just say if you’re a vegetarian, don’t go inside!

Chevy Salutes

A few hours and several 90’s songs later, we pulled into Vegas…

Chevy Salutes

…and it was time to celebrate the last year in my 30’s and toast the hub’s service to our country. It’s hard to believe that a year ago we started counting down to his last day.

Chevy Salutes

The next night we had a fantastic dinner and waaay too many desserts with friends then headed to The Eagles concert. They were PHENOMENAL and played for almost four hours. I sat, I stood, I cheered all the while reflecting, and in-between sets saying to myself over and over, “Thank you for this life.” We topped it off with a nightcap then headed to our room. What a night!

Chevy Salutes
I like to think they were waving right at me!

Heading back home the next day, we left Vegas with a bit more than what we had come with. Don’t let the Chevy Volt’s size fool you; we are not light packers and everything fit just fine!

Chevy Salutes
There are two LARGE duffel bags and a “few” shopping bags in there.

On the way home we made a pit stop in Calico Ghost Town:

Chevy Salutes

Although we were on vacation, it was extremely important for us to acknowledge Memorial Day. While we were there, we observed the National Moment of Remembrance at 15:00/3pm sitting silently under a jacaranda tree, heads bowed in silence and in thanks for the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our country. I was grateful to be working with a company who understands what this moment meant to us.

Chevy Salutes

So much life has happened for the hubs and me since we met and got married. I’ve had major surgery, continue to outlive doctor’s predictions and he has served our country selflessly never asking, expecting or wanting the recognition he so deserves. This summer we will find even more new roads as we make our way across the country to start a life in a new home and build a new business. You probably don’t have to guess which company’s vehicles will make up our fleet…

The drive home took a little longer than usual. We got home and stopped for a finale’ dinner, charged the car and reminisced over what an amazing time we had.

I will never forget it. And it was a Chevy Volt that took us there…

Chevy Salutes

So now you want one, too -riiiiight? If you’ve put off looking for a new car or truck, don’t worry – it’s not too late! Chevrolet still has the best military discount program of any car company. All Military Appreciation Month long they are giving back to those who serve in a big way; active duty members, reserves, veterans within one year of discharge date and retirees — including their spouses — of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard are eligible for this great program! And don’t forget if you are a member of USAA, you are also eligible for an additional $750 private offer!

Chevy Salutes


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You can also always connect with Chevrolet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and by visiting ChevySalutes.com to learn more about Chevrolet’s military discount program good through May 31, 2015!

Thank you all SO much for joining along. We’ll see you on the next adventure!

Chevy Salutes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chevrolet via MSB New Media. The opinions and text are all mine.