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Gov Vacation Rewards – Discounted Travel for Military and Veterans!

Gov Vacation Rewards

This is a compensated post. All opinions are mine. I have had a personal positive experience with Gov Vacation Rewards. If your experience differs, please contact them directly for a resolution.

Summer vacation is upon families everywhere and for a lot of military families who aren’t PCSing, it’s a chance to escape for some fun. Of course, summer travel costs are known to skyrocket making a great getaway a bit harder to reach. Enter Gov Vacation Rewards!

Gov Vacation Rewards is a travel discount program designed to service government employees, retired veterans, active duty military personnel and their families. Home to the most military discounts on travel, with over one million members GVR is the only plan that allows military affiliate members of the program and their families to use their Military Star® Card to book travel needs – including airfare! This allows armed forces members to pay for their travel and airfare over time so you can plan ahead and lock in prices now instead of having to wait.

Gov Vacation Rewards
Pay for airfare over time with Gov Vacation Rewards

So how do they do it? Leveraging buying power from the relationships they have established in the travel industry, GVR removes the markup that other retailers place on travel. This results in low cost wholesale vacations for military, veterans and their families. GVR is backed by a best value guarantee and there are no black-out dates. There is 24/7 access to experienced vacation consultants, free friends and family benefits and you will never pay an online booking fee. Now you can receive 2,500 Reward Points worth up to $150 off travel, just for signing up! Click here to get signed up and to learn more. But wait, there’s more…

Now through August 30, 2015 you can get 20% OFF hotel coupon for summer travels by using the Coupon code: FYISUMMER2015 (minimum purchase required $100.00).

The hubs and I are looking forward to planning our own vacation with Gov Vacation Rewards! Now all we have to do is narrow down all the choices (and there are many)!

Gov Vacation Rewards
Where will you take your Gov Vacation Rewards vacation?

Are you going on vacation this summer? Where to?

Safe travels, everyone!


  • Kisa

    I love these kinds of programs, military members and their families deserve a lot more than they currently get anyway!

    • Heather W

      I am sorry you feel that way. Do you have a direct complaint with them? I know several people personally who have had much success with them. It’s quite easy to Google only negative reviews for just about everything out there. I go by experience and mine has been positive, too.

  • Stephanie

    This program sucks butt…I am gonna make sure to tell all of my military friends about it…I was pretty upset that I lost my points as they expired and after two years they wanted me to remember that. They never call to inform you they are about to expire but when they want money from you no hesitation on getting a call to the person. I tried to get my points back so they asked for someone to call me…well we just got off the phone with him…the first thing that came out of this mans voice is I am the highest person…not trying to be cocky….sorry but that is not a way to start off a conversation with someone…how about someone give me a call to cancel your shit service….wonder if I will get that call.

    • Heather W

      As a frequent business traveler, I am responsible for keeping track of my miles and points. It really is my responsibility as the consumer to keep on top of it. I cannot fault them for that. I am sorry the guy didn’t handle the call well, but I’ve had no issue with them and several people who use them have given me good feedback. I hope it works out for you.

  • Anna E.

    Have you had any personal experience with this company? I am planning a vacation for this summer and don’t want to get scammed. I have read a lot of negative reviews, but came across positive. Let me know how your experience went!

    • Heather

      Yes, I have and so have acquaintances of mine. I can only speak to those experiences as being positive. I encourage you to ask them all of the question you have and the. Decide for yourself whether it works for you.

  • James D.

    Aren’t bloggers supposed to add disclosures to posts from which they personally benefit, so that it’s clear to readers you’re peddling the good/service because you’re being compensated?

    • Heather

      James, I’m not peddling a good or service. I was simply sharing their service with others just as millions of other bloggers do. I am unsure why there was not a disclosure, this post was written over a year ago when the FTC Guidelines were different. If both the brand and I missed it, it was obviously an oversight (go ahead and look through my sponsored content, it is clear as day). I have added it to make it current by today’s standards. In the future, you’d probably get further if your tone was a bit more respectful. The veiled condescension isn’t so veiled and is completely unnecessary, but thank you for being the blog police. Have a nice day.