Silent No More: A Response to the Threat Against Military Spouses


For some time now, I have kept quiet about the threats against military spouses made by ISIS and other terrorist organizations via social media. Most recently, sympathizers have come into the mix of this cesspool of hate and women whom I respect have explicitly been “warned” and called out by name. Insinuations of potential harm to not only themselves and their husbands, but to their children have been publicized around the world.

As I have silently observed, I have made no remarks in regards to the deplorable actions of these men cowards who veil themselves behind masks because they don’t have the balls to show their faces to the world. Yes, I’ve been quiet.

Until now.

I admit to laughing to myself as I unearthed hilarity in the irony which exists in their fucked up world. Isis is the Egyptian goddess of wisdom, marriage and health. THEY.NAMED.THEMSELVES.AFTER.A.FEMALE. These so-called men mandate women shroud themselves because they are weak and should be oppressed. Cross-dressing terrorists. Oh the irony! Apparently they have no mirrors where they happen to be:

Photos courtesy of Google Images

They use a twisted version of their so-called religious convictions as a catalyst to invoke fear in others they mistakenly believe to be vulnerable. They make their after-the-fact appearances on television, large knives to captives’ throats; photographs of butchered children strewn about the internet as if there is some semblance of normalcy in these atrocities. They hide behind the anonymity of computer screens. They hide behind the days in-between each heinous act they commit in the name of a God who, if he existed, would define the very meaning of evil. They hide.

I know what it is to catch a glimpse of the news to see an on-base shooting and have panic wash over my entire being for the few seconds it takes to sink in it wasn’t on my husband’s installation – they all look so alike. I know what it is to cry for other military wives I’ve never met. I know what it is to want my husband to change out of his digis into civvies for the short ride home from base. I know what it is to await the text he’s home at the end of his day. And I know a lot more happens behind the scenes than what is broadcast through the media. My husband lives it. I live it as much as I can as “merely” a military spouse as someone so eloquently put it the other day.

We are proud of our men, but our identity as military wives does not revolve around our husbands’ professions. Yes, it is easy to be afraid. It is easy to give in and shut down all lines to the outside world. Perhaps part of me asks, “Why would they even bother with li’l ol’ me and my blog? Are they that desperate?” To make it clear: Do not mistake my silence for weakness or fear. I will not live afraid and though they may temporarily revel in a ridiculous fantasy that they have triumphed, the fact remains they will fail.

I have been through fire and come out on the other side.

So all of this hiding? They can keep it up. It damn sure won’t be me.